Dubrovnik Kids Spend Summer Cleaning Up Coastline and Elaphite Islands

By 11 September 2019

Rubbish strewn along the whole of the Croatian coast, not just that in major tourist cities like Dubrovnik, has posed a problem for a considerable amount of time, and when even foreign tourists are getting involved to try to remedy the problem, it's too little to say that Croatia has a growing garbage issue.

Numerous ''clean ups'' of beaches and under the sea's surface are held every year, but the majority of them take place well outside of the summer tourist season. Kids from Dubrovnik have, however, spent some of their ''time off'' doing their bit and helping to keep the environment clean, and once again, children are teaching us more valuable lessons than we can teach them.

As Morski writes on the 11th of September, 2019, this year, just like every other year for a while now, during the late spring and summer, young eco-activists from the Eko Omblići Association visited the entire Dubrovnik area by boat, including the Elaphite islands (Lopud, Koločep (Kalamota) and Šipan, not only to enjoy the unique beauty of the southern Dalmatian coast and islands, but also to ecologically educate themselves and do their bit for the gorgeous Adriatic they love and respect immensely.

''For more than twenty years now, we have been lovingly guiding our young eco-activists of the Eko Omblići Association, to our islands and along the coast which is full of beautiful untouched nature, so that they not only enjoy it but continue to preserve it for their descendants.

During our eco-educational trips to the islands and along the Dubrovnik area's coastline, the Eko Omblići Association distributes leaflets to islanders and tourists with eco messages in both Croatian and English language about the importance of preserving the sea, coast and the islands not only from plastics but also from other pollutionm'' explained the project leader of the ''Let's clean the Adriatic from plastic'' initiative, Jadranka Šimunović.

''It's good that general environmental awareness along our coast is increasing among the local population and among tourists, and many have helped, ranging from the media, eco-organisations, responsible environmental and nature institutions, to educational institutions and social networks, etc. So far, about 6000 children and young people have passed through our eco associations and all of them, along with our adult volunteers, have learned something new about ecology and ecological culture, which makes us very happy.

Next weekend, we're taking our young eco-activists from the Eko Omblići Association by boat to the island of Šipan and Šipanska luka as part of our project ''Let's clean the Adriatic from Plastic,'' concluded Šimunović.

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