Archaeological Site from Roman Times Discovered in Sisak

By 20 August 2019

ZAGREB, August 20, 2019 - A new archaeological site has been discovered in the centre of Sisak during digging work for a block of flats in that Croatian town 50 kilometres southeast of Zagreb.

The site is rich of archaeological finds from the ancient Roman period when the settlement was named Siscia in Latin.

Preliminary excavation at the newly discovered site indicates that there had been a an ancient dwelling for wealthy inhabitants, and that this structure had been rebuilt and refurbished through the past, a local archaeological expert, Rosana Škrgulja, told Hina on Tuesday..

She said that all the finds and artefacts would be prepared by experts to be put on display.

The centre of Sisak is abundant in archaeological sites, which is actually "nightmare" for new projects and builders.

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