VIDEO: Unlucky Trpanj Mayor's Expensive Car Ends Up In Sea

By 13 August 2019

Every summer in Dalmatia, cars miraculously end up in the sea. Either they accidentally roll in because a sun-baked driver has left the handbrake off, or they somehow manage to fall off dry land and drop into the sea, while always unexpected, seeing a car going for a swim in the Adriatic isn't that much of an unusual thing.

What is unusual, is when the car that has gone for a quick swim in the big blue belongs to a mayor, and is very expensive. That's just what happened recently in Trpanj on the beautiful Pelješac peninsula.

As Morski writes on the 12th of August, 2019, an expensive Mazda 6 was seen sliding off dry land and into the sea below.

According to a report from Jutarnji list, this valuable car which ended up taking an unexpected dip in the Adriatic belongs to no less than the mayor of Trpanj, Jakša Franković. There was also information circulating around that it was actually an official vehicle of the Municipality, but this was denied and unfortunately it wasn't possible to be able to discuss this matter with a likely irritated Mayor Franković.

A co-worker of his did speak briefly to Jutarnji list, and she didn't appear very willing to introduce herself or provide her name. She stated: "the mayor isn't at work today and isn't in the mood to talk to the press."

She declined to comment on the unlucky event, saying only that it was "not true that it was an official car."

Watch the video of the poor Mazda's dramatic rescue here:

YouTube/Jutarnji list

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