VIDEO: Watch Amazing Footage of Recent ''Maraton Lađa'' from Above!

By 12 August 2019

August the 12th, 2019 - Maraton lađa is a traditional amateur boat race which takes place on the Neretva river in southern Dalmatia.

These vessels are called ''lađe'' (pronunciation: plural: ladje/singular: ladja), which are narrow boats which hail from the lower part of the Neretva river. The lađe were once used to transport not only people, but farming products, animals, equipment and other items along not just the Neretva river but along the typically narrow rivers which connect to it.

Various celebrations and gatherings, such as both the weddings and funerals of local people were also known to be facilitated by lađe.

In an effort to keep tradition alive, Maraton lađa has become of huge significance to the Neretva valley and the surrounding areas, and many would claim that what the famous Gondola is to Venice, lađe are to the Neretva valley. As such, each and every year on the second Saturday in the month of August on a 22.5 kilometre course, this sporting event naturally attracts crowds of locals and tourists alike.

In order to cement the traditional and historical importance of the Neretva's lađe, the very first ''Maraton lađa'' was organised and held way back in 1998, and the distance travelled along the water took the vessels from the town of Metković to Ploče. 

The most recent Maraton lađa, which drew an impressive 40,000 spectators down to the banks of the Neretva river to watch, saw Gusari Komin win, reaching Ploče from Metković in two hours and ten minutes. Second place was taken by the Stabline team, and the third to the finish line in Ploče was the Crni put team.

Watch this great piece of footage of the most recent Maraton lađa captured from the air by Velimir Bešić: 

Velimir Bešić

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