VIDEO: 40,000 Spectators Enjoy Maraton Lađa in Metković

By 11 August 2019

August 11, 2019 - Gusari Komin is the winner of the 22nd Maraton Lađa, rowing the fastest from Metković to Ploče with a time of two hours and ten minutes. 

The 22nd Maraton Lađa was held on Saturday, which was followed by over 40,000 spectators on the Neretva river, who cheered along the route from Metković to Ploče to support the rowers with flares, especially in their home settlements, reports Dalmacija Danas and Slobodna Dalmacija.

“We are the champions of the Maraton Lađa. Let’s fly the flags; we’re the champions of Neretva,” sung the Gusari team from Komin, who, among the 28 boat teams, conquered the Neretva river in just over two hours.

The team once again showed their readiness and just how much the marathon means to their boys.

"It was tough, but we still managed. We are happy about this victory. We rowed hard, it was extremely hot, and big waves created problems for us, but from Opuzen we were in first," said the visibly exhausted but still happy Gusari captain, Ivan Vladimir Bosna.

The second place went to Stablina and third to Crni Put from Metković. 

The 28 boats that participated in the race featured Neretva farmers, fishers, workers, professors, and prominent athletes. The participants rowed in unison down the Neretva, all the way to the final destination in Ploče, where the first crew arrived after 7 pm.

The Croatian Navy (HRM) participated in the event for the first time ever this year, a team of water polo players from Đakovo made an appearance, the owners of five OPGs proudly exhibited their home-made delicacies, and firefighters prepared 400 servings of čobanac stew for the spectators.


Congratulations to the winners, as well as to all the teams that tackled the challenging 22.5-kilometer route on the Neretva River downstream, from Metković to Ploče.

You can see the results below:

1. Gusari Komin

2. Stablina

3. Crni put

4. Gusari II

5. Sveti Ilija Metković

6. SU Argo Bjelovar

7. HRM

8. Šumari Bjelovar

9. Zagreb

10. Gospa Karmelska Krvavac

11. Jerkovac

12. Škrapa Momići

13. SU Argo II

14. Sisak

15. Lađari općine Slivno

16. Baćina

17. Rogotin

18. Veterani 4.gbr

19. Salašari Somborski

20. Staševica

21. Đakovački bećari

22. Sveti Ilija 2

23. Domagojevi gusari Vid

24. Primorsko-goranska županija

25. Vidonje

26. Jerkovac juniori

27. Vinkovački lađari

28. Torcida Ploče

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