VIDEOS: Take a Trip Back in Time to Zagreb 1929-1930

June the 3rd, 2019 - For many years, Zagreb was all but bypassed by tourists who knew of Croatia only for its sunshine and sea. While the glorious Adriatic coast is still very much the main lure for the majority of tourists who visit Croatia every year, particularly in summer, continental Croatia, which includes the Croatian capital, has seen a massive increase in tourism over recent years.

Croatia is far, far more than just the sea. Declared the best advent destination in all of Europe for three years running, beautiful and quirky Zagreb is now very much on the tourism radar. An increasing number of tourists from all over the world now flock to the capital, particularly when it's at its most magical - in winter. 

From skiing on Sljeme during winter to hiking up it during the spring, Croatia's capital has it all. Bars, cafes, restaurants, parks, museums and chances for outdoor recreation are just a small part of what makes the Croatian capital so interesting to tourists from far and wide. Often labelled a ''cheaper Vienna'', funky Zagreb, full of character, is still wrongly overlooked by many. 

The Zagreb as we know it today, bustling and full of the sounds of blue trams making their way through the city's streets like urban snakes would pass through a concrete jungle, is and isn't a far cry from the way the Croatian capital once looked.

While the sights and sounds may have changed somewhat, there are some things that have remained the same despite the passage of time. One of the obvious changes is of course less graffiti about Dinamo scrawled on the walls of some of the city's more dilapidated facades, and another is a lack of brutal and soulless yet somehow still bizarrely beautiful socialist-era buildings which now dominate Zagreb's skyline along with ultra modern high-rise hotels, banks, and office buildings.

Take a trip back in time to Zagreb circa 1929-1930 with ZG express and FilmImages:

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