Young Croat Breaks Guinness World Record in Zagreb!

By 28 April 2019

A young Croat has broken the Guinness World Record for pushing a 730 kg car with a driver inside through Zagreb.

Young Zagreb native Tomislav Lubenjak broke the Guinness World Record for pushing a car the furthest in 24 hours. His venture began on Saturday at 3 pm in Zagreb when the official stopwatch in the accompanying vehicle started. Each of Tomislav's footsteps was carefully tracked by recorders to ensure the current world record would be broken. Traffic police regulated the entire event in Zagreb, reports Večernji List on April 28, 2019. 

The new Guinness World Record was achieved on Sunday morning after Tomislav pushed for less than 17 hours. Tomislav became the new record holder on Držićeva street when he hit the 83rd kilometer.

Tomislav began pushing at a very high tempo, forcing the car forward at a speed of 9 minutes and 30 seconds for one kilometer. Tomislav finished the first round in 1 hour, 19 minutes, and 30 seconds, moving at an average speed of 6km/h. The first round ran a total length of 8.2 km. Tomislav's heart rate was below 80 beats per minute.

“My goal is a hundred!” Tomislav said, announcing then that he believed in 24 hours, the car will go as far as 100 kilometers. With such a high-set goal, Tomislav did not just break the world record for pushing a car the furthest in 24 hours, but also for pushing a car the furthest in 24 hours at the same time as two people. Although he’s already broken the record, Tomislav will continue pushing on Sunday until 15:00.

The Smart car has the exact weight assigned to Guinness's rules, and drivers had to change every four hours. To everyone's delight, at 11 pm, Tomislav's 76-year-old grandmother Marica took the wheel. Tomislav took three-minute breaks every hour and refueled with high-calorie tablets and sugar gel to give him the energy to complete the venture. 

The former Guinness World Record holder was Przemyslaw Marczewski from Poland, who traveled 82.28 km, while the record for pushing in pairs was achieved by Macedonians Aleksandar Čekorov and Aleksandar Smilkov who traveled 95.07 km. Tomislav will thus break both records. 

Tomislav practiced by pushing his Twingo and also trained in the gym every day. His team is made up of family and friends, and when the security guards and police are counted - in the 24-hour adventure, Tomislav’s journey was tracked by thirty people. This is not Tomislav’s first challenge, either - he rode a bike for 100 km all over Zagreb in five hours, and then decided to walk the capital in eighteen!

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