Croatia's Biggest Music Stars Confirmed for Sv. Duje Humanitarian Concert in Split!

By 26 April 2019

The traditional concert for the celebration of Sveti Duje, the patron saint of Split, has a strong note of generosity this year. Namely, for Split’s 'City Day', the Riva will host the first humanitarian concert aiming to collect donations for the Children's Traumatology Department of Physical Medicine, reports Dalmacija Danas on April 26, 2019. 

For the musical and humanitarian spectacle, which is presented under the title ’Key for Life’, some of the biggest names of Split show business have been confirmed, including Neno Belan, Gibonni, Tedi Spalato, Doris Dragović, Goran Karan, Jole, Giuliano & Diktatori Buđenje, Tiho Orlić, Domenica, and Dalmatino.

The concert is, of course, free to all Split citizens and their guests, and donations will be collected through a call center by direct transfer to HTV from 8:05 pm. A unique phone number has been opened for the event (060 9002), and knowing Croatia’s big heart, it will continuously ring throughout the concert. 

Tomislav Mrduljaš, the organizer of the 'Key of Life' concert, revealed that the idea was born at the initiative of Dr. Dinko Pivalica, head of the Institute for Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Rheumatology at KBC Split. Hospitals are a necessary means, and through conversations, in cooperation with the City, they came to the idea to organize a humanitarian concert for Sv. Duje. The name of the valuable action 'Key to Life' is more than symbolic. Namely, the ‘key to life' is most often in the hands of good people; those that are ready to provide their hands when needed.

"The performers did not doubt playing the event for a moment; they were happy to respond as they are always willing to give their contribution when needed. The musicians will perform for free, and all donations from the call center will go directly to the Children's Traumatology Department of Physical Medicine,” Mrduljaš said.

The phone number will be open already from Saturday, April 27, for those interested in donating. 

Mrduljaš believes there will be a great response to the concert and that phone calls will be received from all over Croatia.

"I'm sure the concert will be spectacular because it's the biggest humanitarian event this year," concluded Mrduljaš.

For more news about Sv. Duje events, stay tuned! 

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