Stork Which Returned To Malena Might Not Be Klepetan

By 20 April 2019

Although we celebrated the return of Klepetan to his beloved Malena just a month ago, Stjepan Vokic and his son Dario, who take care of Croatia's widely adored love birds, are concerned that the male stork who returned to Malena might not be Klepetan.

As Vecernji list writes on the 19th of April, 2019, in the Facebook group managed by Stjepan's son ''Malena i Klepetan, najljepsa ljubavna prica'' (Malena and Klepetan, the most beautiful love story) Dario Vokic claims that this male stork has been behaving rather strangely, and is likely not the famous stork it should be.

''Dear members, if you didn't know... The real Klepetan probably didn't arrive. The current stork is acting weird, he came for a meal and then he went for two days. Malena is probably frustrated and that's why she destroyed two eggs. She even demolished the nest, not completely, but all of the new material this male bought has been removed. My dad thinks that Klepetan is old and that he is going to die. I don't believe this is him, so these thoughts will remain here in this group'' wrote Dario Vokic in English, before apologising for his English skills, which are of course excellent.

Unsurprisingly, Dario's post was followed by many questions from members, and they found it odd that upon his arrival, Klepetan ate some fish in Stjepan's yard, and only after that did he go to Malena.

''It's worrying, we'll have to see what happens. There about 3-4 storks in Varos, and some of them go to eat fish in Stjepan's yard,'' wrote Vokic.

Despite the worries and suspicions, there is as yet no official information that the male stork which is apparently behaving oddly isn't actually Klepetan, however, the concerns of the pair's longtime care givers are likely correct, although we hope this time they got it wrong.

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