Ancient Chinese Scholar-Officials: Painting and Life Exhibition Opened

By 10 April 2019

ZAGREB, April 10, 2019 - The prime ministers of Croatia and China, Andrej Plenković and Li Keqiang, on opened an exhibition entitled "Ancient Chinese Scholar-Officials: Painting and Life" at the Klovićevi Dvori Gallery in Zagreb on Wednesday.

The exhibition presenting various aspects of scholars in ancient Chinese society and their lives and art was organised jointly by the Klovićevi Dvori gallery and the National Museum of China.

Prime Minister Plenković underscored that the Croatian-Chinese year of culture and tourism needs to fortify the friendship between the Croatian and Chinese peoples and the cooperation that has exceptional meaning for both countries.

"This exhibition will present works that will show our public the essence of traditional Chinese culture that was created by ancient scholars by depicting their rich lives and spirituality," Plenković said, expressing satisfaction that Croats will be better acquainted with the works and paintings of ancient Chinese scholars.

He underscored that the programme and exchange in tourism and culture that will occur throughout the year originates from the idea of connecting Croatia and China.

Plenković assessed the visit by Prime Minister Li and his delegation as a path to a new partnership and mutual respect which, he said, makes it possible to establish new cultural and tourism routes in order to mutually increase the visibility of the two countries.

The greatest value of the Silk Road, he believes, was the exchange of cultural goods, languages, philosophies, science, and art along with trade that developed from country to country.

He recalled Marco Polo, a Venetian trader and world explorer who originated from the Croatian island of Korčula and opened Europe's path to that new world.

Plenković said that this was a new opportunity for China to become familiar with Croatia's culture and art, and added that last year 250,000 Chinese tourists visited Croatia.

Prime Minister Li thanked his host for the attention he is dedicating to this exhibition. When we look back, we have to mention the Mediterranean civilisation, of which Croatian culture is an important factor, Li said and added that Croatia is a country of a thousand islands. He recalled the Marco Polo, who was born on one of those islands, was the first to connect the civilisations of the East and the West.

As soon as I set foot on Croatian soil, I sensed the charming civilisation with a beautiful nature and the hosts' hospitality, he said.

Dubrovnik, where the Summit of Central and Eastern European Countries and China (16 + 1) is being held tomorrow, is a place that connects culture with the contemporary world, he said and recalled that a British author once wrote: If you are looking for heaven on earth, go to Dubrovnik!

He underscored that Croatian-Chinese cooperation aspires for the true development of the two countries.

Because of the growing number of Chinese tourists visiting Croatia, he announced the possibility of introducing direct flights.

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