City of Split Announces Projects for Marjan: A Look at Plans, Costs

By 5 April 2019

The City of Split sent out a press release regarding the implementation of the project "Marjan 2020 - Hill of the past, oasis of the future", reports Splitski Dnevnik on April 5, 2019. 

“Following on the topic of activities within the Marjan Forest Park as part of the project 'Marjan 2020 - Hill of the Past, oasis of the future', we want to inform the public about the real situation, to communicate every phase of this project, which we are incredibly proud of, actively and transparently from the start. 

Over the past couple of days, two planned items within the project have started a public debate, namely setting up an adrenaline park for children and adults and setting up a network for the paintball field. We emphasize that these two financial activities amount to about 850,000 kuna with VAT, which represents about 4 percent of the value of 21 million kuna. The value of the paintball field in the project is only 117,000 kuna.

Furthermore, it is only these two activities in the Forest Park itself, along with the Botanical Gardens after reconstruction, which are planned to be reviewed.

For all citizens of Split, most of the activities will be free, and we remind you that the project involves the renovation and reconstruction of all these contents and the implementation of the following activities:

- Interpretation of the Botanic Center - Botanical Garden:

- Designing a detailed project for the Botanical Garden - estimated amount 80,000,00 kn

- Revitalization of the Botanical Garden - estimated amount 1.997.914,10 kn

- Reconstruction of Marjan’s houses - estimated amount 401.100,00 kn

- School in nature for Children (Bene) - estimated amount 334.624,00 kn

- Thematic ecological and educational trails - the story of Marjan - estimated amount 96.000,00 kn

- Educational trail ‘Baba Marta’ - estimated amount 54,700.00 kn

- Visitor registration and monitoring system - estimated amount 158.250,00 kn

- Electric bus for the transportation of visitors - estimated amount 1.050.000,00 kn

- Educational film about the flora and fauna of Marjan - estimated amount 120.000,00 kn

- Application - interactive guide of Marjan - estimated amount 240.000,00 kn

- Multimedia content for kinesiological development of children and young people in the nature school with a 3D game - 'Meet the botany' and equipment - estimated amount 184.000,00 kn

- Multimedia presentation of Marjan - estimated amount 128.000,00 kn

- Workshops for pre-school children - estimated amount 48.000,00 kn

- Workshops for Split Elementary Schools - estimated amount of 48.000.00 kuna

- Workshops on multifunctional development of children and young people in nature - estimated amount 11.200,00 kn

- Educating the local population - estimated amount 24.000,00 kn

- Guide training - estimated amount 20.000,00 kn

- Audio guide and a map of Marjan - estimated amount 148.000,00 kn

- Watchtower - Sedlo - estimated amount 3.793.296,38 kn

- Communal equipment - Benches and baskets - estimated amount 175,023.20 kn

- Children's Town - estimated amount 214,700.00 kn

- Outdoor exercise equipment - street workout - estimated amount 363.910,00 kn

- Routes and roads - estimated amount 371.100,00 kn

- Mountain biking trails - estimated amount 535,700.00 kn

- Paintball area - estimated amount 93.850, 00 kn

- Mobile adrenaline park - estimated amount 554.800,00 kn

- Signaling system and road signs for Marjan - estimated amount 101.400,00 kn

- Internet points - estimated amount 120.000,00 kn

- Specific souvenirs - estimated amount 24.000,00 kn

- Futsal and basketball court (Spinut) - estimated amount 949,970.00 kn

- Bocce at Bene - estimated amount 68.400,00 kn

- Picnic zone Bene and First peak - estimated amount 53.760,00 kn

- Promotional tourist material for Marjan - estimated amount 189.600,00 kn

- Info on the opening day of Marjan - estimated amount 8.000,00 kn

The above amounts exclude VAT. The total eligible costs are 16.855.478,97 kn (21.069.338,71 kn with PDV).

We believe that it is clear from all this that the project 'Marjan 2020' is directed towards the public, primarily to Split citizens of all ages, concerning future commercial content.

Public information has been published several times, saying that the area for the paintball field occupies 40.000 m2, which is entirely inaccurate, and the planned space for this is 2.500,00 m2 (50 * 50 m2), which is 20 times less!

There is entirely inaccurate information on how we will build a fence wall. It is about setting a transparent protective net which will be lowered and raised depending on the event, 200 meters long and not 800 as some have specified.

It is not true that the trees will be removed! Activities of this kind are just happening in a natural environment and trees are absolutely needed in the field. Only tree branches the height of a tall man would be removed to prevent injuries.

The mobile adrenaline park was developed after previous workshops, which showed the need for the development of climbing content in cooperation with affirmed sports climbing athletes in the Forest Park, and because there is no room for climbers in Split, especially for the youngest, a park with climbing facilities and climbing instructors. This park is demountable and mobile and will adapt its setting to opportunities within the forest area.

All these elements, i.e., the whole project, obtained consent from Split-Dalmatia County, the Department of Communal Affairs, Utilities and Environmental Protection in March 2017, and from the Ministry of Culture, the Cultural Heritage Management, the Conservation Office of Split in April 2017.

The Ministry of Regional Development and Funds of the European Union also signed an agreement at a session of the Government of the Republic of Croatia held in Split in May 2018 with the project manager of Marjan.

The City of Split continues to be open in communication about this project with any interested institution and all its citizens, as it has from the beginning, through the media announcements and through the public presentation of the project on Marjan on September 13, 2018.”

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