Wine & Cinema – Paired with Jazz in Movies

By 28 March 2019

In the intimate ambience of the Bornstein wine shop packed to capacity, the successful project Wine & Cinema, created by Jelena Bulum, continued on Tuesday. It is primarily a wine tasting event, but not only that. It could be said that this is a project which in certain ways moves the boundaries by combining wine with both film and music.

The music and film part of the event was hosted by jazz fan Kornelije Hećimović, who selected five clips of famous jazz scenes from five films: “Knife in the Water" by Roman Polanski, “Elevator to the Gallows” by Louis Malle, “Whiplash” by Damien Chaziel, “Manhattan” by Woody Allen, and “Down by Law” by Jim Jarmusch.

Two different parts of Croatia and two distinct wine regions presented two different wine stories linking the same two things: sincere passion and love for wines on the one hand, and high ecological principles and persistence in the production of natural wines on the other.

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The lovers of orange wines were delighted with the Lunika Winery, since the winemaker Danijel Bastijančić from Kanfanar in Istria brought to the tasting as many as three styles of macerated Malvasia: Malvazija Prima Volta 2017 with a two-day maceration, Malvasia Stazion 2017 with a 10-day maceration, and finally the Malvasia Viaggio Lungo 2015, that has been macerated for six months. Among more than 20 labels which come from the vibrant Baranja winery of Slavko Kalazić, the holder of the eco-certificate, two labels were presented: Rose from Frankovka 2018 and Pinot Noir Premium 2009.

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At the Wine & Cinema, every evening is different and has a special charm. This time, the appeal was mainly provided by the jazz music from films, as well as by the two people who talked with incredible ease and passion about what they love – sommelier Siniša Škaberna spoke about wines, and journalist Kornelije Hećimović talked about jazz. With the glasses in their hands, the audience travelled through the film worlds with the well-known jazz songs. The culmination was when Lunika’s Malvasia Stazion was poured into glasses and guests were asked to cover their eyes with black bindings and taste the wine when the music started. Deep and mature notes of Lunika's wine with aromas of sorb, mature quince and apple compote mixed and amicably competed for two minutes with brilliant jazz of Miles Davis’ "Generique".

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Another important moment happened with the Pinot Noir Premium 2009 by the Kalazić winery. The last year's champion among the black wines at the Festiwine in Dubrovnik presented itself in the best possible light with all the features of the pinot noir variety and proved that after ten years there is still in it at least five years of ageing potential. The wine of perfect fruity whose refinement is unbeatable was perfectly paired with foie gras with dried cranberries prepared by Bornstein. The connection did not include just the palate, but the ears as well, with "Jockey Full of Bourbon", which opens the movie "Down by Law" (1986), closing the evening.

We are waiting for new combinations of wines, films and – who knows what else.

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