Croatian Coral Centre Coming to Zlarin

By 19 March 2019

In July 2018, the City of Šibenik started with the implementation of the project of the Croatian Coral Centre on the island of Zlarin. This is another project that will be realised in the Šibenik area with non-refundable EU grants. The total value of the project is 24 million kuna, including a grant worth 13 million kuna, reports on March 19, 2019.

The Šibenik city authorities added the Croatian Coral Centre project includes the reconstruction of the Šare and Kažerma houses on the island. The Kažerma House will be an exhibition space with a permanent exhibition that will present an overview of the ecosystems and protected species of the Šibenik archipelago, the Zlarin coral traditions, a library with scientific papers, as well as the poetry of Vesna Parun, the famous local poet. The permanent exhibition will include latest technologies such as augmented reality, kinetic figures, audio-visual exhibits, video games, and the like. The Šare House will be reconstructed and turned into an educational research centre with an amphitheatre and accommodation units for researchers and visiting scientists.

“The project will establish a visitor tracking system, monitor the coronal genetic biocenosis, acquire electric vessels and passenger transport vehicles, create a set of unique souvenirs, conduct training for centre staff and partners, develop educational and tourism programmes, and develop the brand,” said the town authorities.

“Our goal is to improve the quality of life on Zlarin throughout the year, to create the conditions for citizens to live and work on their island, and I believe that this project will greatly contribute to this. The project is not only related to corals but also aims for the revitalisation of the whole area. It is important that the local community takes part in these activities with their suggestions,” said Željko Burić, the mayor of Šibenik, which also administers the nearby island of Zlarin.

“We participate in EU tenders every year and win the funds necessary to develop the infrastructure of our islands. Last year, we received 370,000 kuna for a promenade on Krapanj, and two years ago 350,000 kuna for the reconstruction of a facility on Žirje. Zlarin is the place where an elementary school has been re-opened, and we have started to brand it as a location for living in line with nature. Our other projects for the island include an open-air sports park,” said Danijel Mileta, deputy mayor of Šibenik.

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Translated from (reported by Frane Šarić).

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