Construction of Port in Povile in Novi Vinodolski Begins

Good news for Novi Vinodolski as the construction of the much anticipated port in Povile begins within the scope of a wider project which encompasses ports up and down the Croatian coast.

As Morski writes on the 2nd of March, 2019, the Minister of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure, Oleg Butković, signed a contract with the director of Zadar County Port, Velimir Antić, on the co-financing of the "Port of Povile - Phase 1". For the realisation of the Povile project, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure assigned 8,000,000.00 kuna to ŽLU Novi Vinodolski.

The funds are intended to co-finance the realisation of the first phase of the works in Povile, which are being realised within the project for the construction and reconstruction of substructure facilities in ports across the Republic of Croatia which are open to public traffic, and which are considered at both the county and the local level as important. Within the same scope, the modernisation, reconstruction and construction of fishing infrastructure will also take place.

The move which took place in Povile itself was marked with the signing of the framework agreement for the procurement of works on the construction of the breakwater and shoreline area in the port of Povile, and the contract between the Novi Vinodolski Port Authority and the contractor for the Povile port project, which was signed by the director of the County Port Authority, Velimir Antić, with Radojko Brnčić, the director of the company SUN ADRIA d.o.o., which is the selected contractor for the job.

With the signing of the above mentioned contracts, the local authority of Novi Vinodolski County Port, in cooperation with the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure, will achieve their goal of increasing the capacity of boats for the local population, as well as the realisation of berths for the needs of sport and other types of boats, the facilitating of further access for excursions and other types of tourism, primarly referring to liner ships, by increasing the safety features of the port and the access to thecoast, reports the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure.

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