Animal Friends Call for Establishing Animal Protection Inspectorate

By 4 February 2019

ZAGREB, February 4, 2019 - The association called Animal Friends Croatia on Monday released a list of about 45 high-profile cases of animal torture and killing in 2018, stressing that it is necessary to establish an animal protection inspectorate and adopt an animal protection law.

This nongovernmental organisation said in a press release that misdemeanour and criminal offences committed against animals in 2018 hadn't increased in number compared to 2017, however information about these cases has become more accessible to the public which has led to growing awareness of the necessity to prevent and punish these misdeeds.

"In addition to cases of sadistic abuse against animals, they are often suffering and dying due to human irresponsibility or attempts to get rid of unwanted litters by drowning, suffocating, burying them alive and other brutal methods," said Ivana Lunka of the "Animal Friends Croatia" association.

She added that only an animal protection law could possibly lead to the reduction of animal abuse incidence.

The NGO also advocates the regulation of compulsory sterilisation and follow-ups on micro-chipped animals and punishment of perpetrators of animal abuse.

"Even though procedures prescribe fines from 50,000 kuna to 80,000 kuna for misdemeanour offences, fines for animal abusers are still low. Criminal law prescribes jail terms of up to one year for animal abusers, however, the courts in most cases deliver conditional sentences," the association underscored.

Animal Friends is a non-profit organisation, founded in 2001 with the aim to promote animal protection and animal rights as well as veganism, as ethical, ecological and healthy lifestyle.

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