Kornat Tragedy Sole Surviving Firefighter Wins Damages before Zagreb Court

By 2 February 2019

ZAGREB, February 2, 2019 - Frane Lučić, a firefighter from Vodice who was the only survivor in a 2007 tragedy in which his 12 fellow firefighters were killed while trying to put out a wildfire on the Kornat island, has won a lawsuit, pending appeal, against the town of Šibenik and the Republic of Croatia, which are to pay him damages in the amount of 1.75 million kuna as well as cover his previous and future disability-related costs and compensate him for lost income.

Lučić has won the case after more than 12 years since what was supposed to be a routine firefighting operation turned into a tragedy in which 12 firefighters from Šibenik, Vodice and Tisno were killed while Lučić survived, albeit with multiple injuries. He has been declared totally unfit for work.

When interest is added to the damages, and if the ruling of the Zagreb Municipal Labour Court becomes final, the town of Šibenik and the state will have to pay Lučić damages in the amount of several million kuna.

Šibenik firefighting commander Dražen Slavica was on trial for the Kornat tragedy two times but on 27 April 2018 he was acquitted by Zadar County Court pending appeal.

The prosecutor's office in Šibenik has appealed against the ruling, proposing that the Supreme Court quash the ruling and return the case to the trial court.

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