How Many Croatian Islands Are For Sale, How Much Do They Cost?

By 21 January 2019

Ever wanted your own couple of private Croatian islands? If you're Ivica Todorić then you've already been there, done that and got the t-shirt, but for the rest of us mere mortals, the dream remains. Of the 1,244 islands which belong to the Republic of Croatia, a smaller number of them are privately owned. These are mostly uninhabited islands, but for some time now, ten of them have been on sale.

As Morski writes on the 21st of January, 2019, the popular Njuskalo website has posted about the sale of Croatian islands within the boundaries of NP Kornati for an incredible price of 40 million and 900,000 kuna, or about five and a half million euro. The ad states that there are two ruined buildings on the island which could be renewed, while the ownership documentation is all okay.

However, since it is classed agricultural land, as well as part of a popular national park, further construction will hardly be possible, and the buyer will likely hand over their millions for the opportunity to engage in agriculture on the island and simply for their name on the island's ownership papers.

On some ads which are selling entire islands, sellers state that it;s a construction site, while others claim it to be agricultural land. However, rebuilding existing facilities on some Croatian islands could, at least in some cases, be possible, but without special permits and concessions, it's typically impossible to build, while on agricultural land, such as on most small uninhabited islands, it may be possible to construct only a small structure of a very limited dimension, or renovate any existing buildings which happen to already be located there. A prospective buyer would probably have invested tens of millions of kuna into the island with the required infrastructure with very little room to do much else, so it isn't a huge surprise that many of these ads have remained open for years.

The prices, sizes and surface areas of each Croatian island on sale are different, but here are a few examples:

Srednja Kluda island is located in the Trogir archipelago between Vinišće and Okrug Gornji. It boasts a total area of 23,324m2 and is covered with low green vegetation. There are two ruined barn-like structures on the island, and the price is 7.875.000 kuna, or 1.050.000 euro.

The island of Mali Kosmač is located in the Šibenik archipelago. It has a surface area of 5.000 m2 and is located near the mainland. Also covered by vegetation, the price is somewhat low. Although the ad states that interested persons must ask about the price, the ad does give away that it starts at 5.200.000 kuna, or about 700.000 euro.

An island located in the Zadar archipelago, near Veli Iž with a surface area of ​​128.800 m2. Although the seller doesn't actually specify the name of the island, they do remark that it is a beautiful shape, has a small bay and there is an old 19th century house there. The original price was as low as 50,000.00 KN or 6,700,000 euro, it is now 44,600,000 kuna, or 6,000,000 euro.

One of the most exclusive offers currently on the market because of its position, whose name is once again not mentioned, is apparently close to Mali Lošinj. According to the ad, its highlights are the advantage of fantastic flora and fauna on and around the island and across the bay. The offer covers approximately 195,000 m2 (19.5 hectares) of private land for sale, as stated in the current land registry book. The rest of the land area of ​​about 200,000 m2 (20 hectares) is owned by the Republic of Croatia and, as the seller argues, may be taken as a long-term concession should it be necessary.

According to the ad, in the past, the inhabitants of the island have been involved in olive growing (about 220 old olive trees are still waiting for someone to come and care properly for them), winemaking, and animal breeding, and the remains of that tradition are visible today, primarily in the form of an old agriculturalbuilding with stone walls characteristic of this area.

According to statements, a positive decision on the construction of three exclusive villas and one pavilion is expected by the end of September.

Since the island has been used for agricultural purposes until quite recently, and as visible remains of agricultural buildings still remain there, the doing up and extension of this Croatian island's existing constructions will probably be approved within the framework of the project, as has been stated in the preliminary opinion on construction there.

The total area of ​​the island is about 395,000 m2 (39.5 hectares), the length of the coast of the island is about 4 kilometres, the highest point of the island is about 11 metres. The price is unknown, meaning that negotiation is likely desired.

Several more ads for Croatian islands for sale can be found on the Croatia estate agency website. In the call for purchase, it explains just "Why a Croatian Island?" should be in your mind.

"We invite you to discover and enjoy the beauties of the Croatian islands, their mild climate, crystal clear and warm sea, beautiful beaches, pristine nature, combined with rich history and cultural heritage, delicious dishes and good wines, and above all warm and friendly people. Find your dream osland ", is written in the invitation to purchase.

The islands offered there are in the Kornati archipelago, near Primošten, an island between the island of Pašman and NP Kornati, and an island in central Dalmatia.

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