Split Nightlife 2019: Bars, Clubs, and Wine Bars of Dalmatian Capital

By 9 January 2019

January 9, 2019 - So, you’re looking for a night out in Split? Whether you want to keep it mellow at a wine bar, get together with friends at a pub or welcome the sunrise at a club, Split nightlife has something for you. 

While we can’t name them all, we're bringing you a list of the best spots in the city for a civilized glass of wine, a full-blown dance party, and the safe havens where you can let loose. 

Consider this your Split guide to going out in 2019.

Wine Bars

Paradox Wine & Cheese Bar: Paradox Wine & Cheese Bar opened back in 2012 and has promoted wine and wine culture ever since. Known as the place to have the “ultimate wine experience and gastronomic delight with carefully selected Croatian wines, cheeses, and dried, marinated, or smoked Dalmatian and Mediterranean delicacies,” Paradox also boasts wine tastings, themed events, and live music. 

Zinfandel Food & Wine Bar: Zinfandel has had a presence in Split since 2013, and is named after the Zinfandel grape, which was made famous by Californian vineyards. Zinfandel offers over 100 bottled wines, an extensive range of 30 wines by the glass, and a fabulous seasonal menu with something for everyone. 

La Regina Del Formaggio: This classic alleyway wine bar is a scene straight out of Italy. Offering only delicacies of the highest quality, from cheeses and salami to various marmalades, wines, and beers, visitors can have a taste of anything they'd like to try, too. 

Kitchen 5: This food and wine restaurant is also tucked away in a classic Split alleyway, right off of Pjaca. This cozy Split establishment offers a full menu and both Croatian and foreign wines. 

Bokeria Kitchen & Wine: “La Boqueria colors, Mediterranean flavors and a Dalmatian vibe in a unique, vibrant piazza.” One of Split’s most popular places to wine and dine is Bokeria, just around the corner from Kitchen 5 off of the Pjaca. Bokeria also offers a full menu - for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, too. 

Uje Wine Bar: If you’ve been to Split, then you’ve probably crossed paths with the Uje family - whether it be the deli, restaurant, or oil bar. Tucked away in the heart of Split’s ghetto, Uje’s wine bar offers an impressive selection of wine and traditional meals from the Uje kitchen. 

Diocletian’s Wine House: Not only does Diocletian’s Wine House offer a unique selection of Croatia’s 101 top wines, but they even offer a wine tasting tour where you can try the best wines in the Split area. You can also enjoy their full restaurant. 

La Bodega: “Experience the atmosphere of a fine wine cellar blended into an antique tavern in the heart of Split’s historic center.” That is precisely what you’ll find at La Bodega, which is located just off of Voćni Trg (Fruit Square). You won’t want to miss out on their cheese and smoked meat platters.

Bars and Pubs 

To Je To Coffee. Beer. Art. Music. That’s what’ll you’ll find at To Je To - though their coffee is specialty, their beer is craft, and their live music includes karaoke nights.

Sanctuary Bar: Sanctuary Bar opened in 2016 as Split’s first dedicated cocktail & whiskey bar. They boast over 60 cocktails (for 35 kuna), whiskeys from around the world, and ever-changing craft ales on draft. And they’re located in the heart of Diocletian’s Palace. 

Charlie’s Bar: Good vibes served on tap is precisely what Charlie’s Bar offers, in addition to happy hour, themed nights, ‘Adios Motherf****r’ challenges, and live sporting events. Founded by Aussies, it is a true backpacker’s bar in the heart of Diocletian’s Palace. 

Black Dog Bar: A new pub on the block, Black Dog is located right by Split’s famous Green Market. You can find draft craft and bottled beer, cocktails, unique gin and tonics, and the occasional Irish band playing in the corner. 

Leopold’s Delicatessen Bar: “Craft beer revolution, street food, ska, rock, blues, and whiskey are just some words that describe us,” Leo’s (as the locals call it) explains. And if you’ve visited this Split institution, you’d say this sums it up just right. 

Academia Ghetto Club: Known as Split’s first openly liberal and alternative bar, Ghetto is a place ‘without morals’; a place where there is ‘no need to pray’. This bohemian bar also boasts a front courtyard, incredible artwork, and very cool memorabilia. Ghetto is located in the Palace, right around the corner and up the stairs from Voćni Trg. 

Paradiso Bar: Craft cocktails, indoor and outdoor seating, and just a stone's throw from Chops Grill, the best steakhouse in Split. What more could you want?

Split Circus: Split Circus is a cult alternative bar that extends knowledge of bands of all genres, across the Split and European scene. One of the few places in Split you can find live music most nights, Split Circus also offers up pretty cheap drinks. 

Gaga: Gaga is a courtyard (and indoor) cocktail bar in the heart of the palace that quickly became a favorite of both tourists and locals - and they just celebrated their 50th birthday. 

Marvlvs Library Jazz Bar: This bar is housed in the 15th-century birthplace of Marcvs Marvlvs (Marko Marulić) the father of Croatian literature. Run by a poet, Marvlvs boasts stunning decor, walls of books, live music, and poetry readings. 

Fabrique Pub: A gastropub (and club), Fabrique boasts more than 50 different beers, craft cocktails, and pub food - and they even have live music or DJs every night. 

Antique Bar: A Riva hangout for Split’s socialites and best-dressed crowd, Antique is also a go-to for live music, prosciutto evenings, and even the occasional summer hookah session. 

Noor Bar: Perhaps the sexiest joint in Split, Noor Bar is the sister bar to Mazzgoon restaurant. An intimate setting that wakes you up with gold accents and chilled music (with guest DJs, too), the craft cocktails and fine spirits will seduce you in the best way Split can. 

Galerija Bar: Galerija Bar is the sister bar to Galerija restaurant. A cozy spot tucked into the center of Diocletian’s Palace, Galerija Bar offers cocktails, DJs, and a tasty rakija selection.

Jazzbina: Jazzbina is a popular stone ‘cellar’ bar just outside of the Palace. Known for domestic music, live bands, and a lot of loud singing, you’ll usually end up here for a nightcap with your best friends. 

ShotGun Shooters Bar: Are you looking to try a plethora of shots with inappropriate (and mostly) sexual names? Split even has that option for you, too. ShotGun is THE shooters bar of the city - and we wish you luck.

Kinoteka: Kinoteka Food and Bar is located in a Gothic 15th-century palace. While the setting alone is enough to entice you, the Asian-inspired cuisine and signature cocktails will have you coming back for more.

Bokamorra: Craft cocktails. Napoletana-style pizza. Jazz music. DJs. And picture-perfect speakeasy decor. Located near Split's West Riva, we promise it's worth the walk. 


Vanilla: Vanilla Club is known as one of the most popular places to go for an after-hours good time in Split. From Yacht Week parties in the summer to hosting some of Croatia’s biggest pop stars, Vanilla has something for everyone - and it's located right next to Poljud Stadium.

Kuka (or Treće Poluvrijeme): Kuka is known as the cult after-hours establishment in the city. Blasting oldies music from the best of Ex-Yugoslavia and America’s sing-along hits, you’ll probably find yourself leaving Kuka once the sun has risen - and it has one of the cheapest entry-fees in the city. 

Central Club: Split’s state-of-the-art nightclub Central will make you think you’re in Las Vegas or New York City. Along with world-renowned DJs and dressed-up dancers, Central also boasts different themed evenings - and it's just a few minutes from outside of the Palace walls. 

Bačvice Beach Clubs: If you’re in Split in the summer, chances are you’ll be told to go to the clubs at Bačvice Beach. Whether it’s Bačvice, Black and White Club, History Bar, or anything else you come across on this strip, you’ll be locked in until the early morning hours - and probably find yourself taking a sunrise swim.

Zenta: Zenta is a two-story club in the Zenta neighborhood of Split, hosting many themed evenings from student nights to ‘Trash’ Mondays, DJs and live music. 

Kocka: At Kocka, you’ll find Split’s alternative scene cradled in an underground club with cemented and graffitied walls - and it’s awesome. From DJ nights to live bands and art shows, Kocka is where you’ll get your dose of cool. 

Quasimodo: Yet another alternative club in Split is Quasimodo. From DJ nights to live shows ranging from acoustic to punk, top 40 nights and dirty dancing, Quasi has become a club for all ages to enjoy. 

Judino Drvo (CLOSED 2021): Judino Drvo is known as the “last underground fortress in town with excellent sound and a unique atmosphere.” And since it’s located out by Split’s Kopilica railroad tracks, we agree. Judino hosts DJ nights and live concerts - and we know these parties go until the early morning hours. 

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