Madvent in Zagreb: 4 Videos Behind the Scenes

By 31 December 2018

December 31, 2018 - The fourth and final video from's satirical look at Madvent in Zagreb, taking a closer look behind the scenes of Europe's best Christmas market.

It has been another record year for Advent in Zagreb, up 12% on last year, and the December boost for tourism in Croatia is more than welcome. 

But is everything as shiny as it seems? Renowned satirists Borna Sor and Domagoj Zovak teamed up with to produce their own Advent calendar. They called in Madvent in Zagreb, and each Sunday they took a look at a different issue regarding the popular Christmas market. 

A look at some of the issues which do not make the tourist brochures were presented with typical humour and biting satire. You can check out the various videos below, and they are presented in reverse chronological order.

The final video, which was published on December 30, looks at the cost of some of the vanity projects of the Mayor of Zagreb, and where the money could have been better spent. 

Such a huge event brings its own waste management issues. Taking a closer look at Zagreb's waste mountain, the fastest-growing in Croatia (from December 23). 

There are plenty of shiny Christmas lights illuminating the Croatian capital during this season of festive cheer. But who is providing them, and at what cost (from December 16)? 

The Madvent in Zagreb series kicked off on December 9 with the first video looking at the economics behind the lucrative Christmas stalls, which provide the backbone of the Advent offer. Who got the stands, what was the process, and how did the official pricing compare to what the end user was charged in the end?

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