Zagreb News: Wolt Food Delivery Service Now Available in Capital!

By 20 December 2018

A welcome piece of Zagreb news for those in the city as a new service for the Croatian capital, the well-known Wolt food delivery service, has begun operating as of today.

As writes on the 20th of December, 2018, as of today, Wolt, a renowned international food delivery service, behind which stands a successful Finnish company of the same name, has become available in Zagreb.

The Republic of Croatia thus becomes the thirteenth country, with Zagreb being the 38th city in which Wolt runs its operations, and through the brand new service, you can now order food from just over 35 restaurants from across the capital.

Wolt's list includes some of the most popular and well-frequented restaurants and pastry shops across the city, including Umami Restaurant, Cookie Factory, Bikers Food Bar, Pani, Curry Bowl, and the list even includes some of the most famous chains, such as Medvedgrad Brewery.

All the food is delivered by Wolt's delivery partners in special heated bags, and through Wolt's top quality service, all customers have an easy and efficient experience when it comes to ordering food - as Wolt has stated from Wolt's office in Zagreb. Additionally, one of the best features of this new Zagreb service is its extremely fast and high quality customer support which responds live to customers during and after they place their food orders.

This will come as a welcome change to some who have had rather poor food ordering experiences in Zagreb, with delivery drivers even calling them to ask for directions to their location, the food arriving cold, or you simply not getting what you've ordered at all.

Wolt can be accessed and used over the Internet or via a smartphone on both iOS and Android platforms. Registration is simple, and a new user can login via Facebook or via their email, and after entering their credit card, they can choose food from more than one hundred restaurants from around Zagreb. Wolt currently accepts all credit cards and Visa debit cards for payment.

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