Social Network Project Brings Urban Jungle Trend to Croatia

By 25 November 2018

“Dnevna Doza Biljaka” (Daily Dose of Plants) is a new Instagram and Facebook project that is steadily growing and has the goal of starting the urban jungle trend, which is very popular abroad. This is the first such project in Croatia, and it has been developed by Tomislav Štrkalj and Leon Božić, reports on November 25, 2018.

“This is something we have been talking about for a while. We noticed that Croatia does not seem able to accept the urban jungle trend which is very popular abroad. We wanted to start it in Croatia as well, but we delayed it for a while because we were not sure whether it would make sense to our people and what would be the reactions. However, earlier this year we decided to step into the digital rainforest,” the founders explained.

251118 urban jungle trend 2

The reactions were great, and a community of greenery lovers developed around their initiative. “People send us photos of their new plants, seek advice for those which they have, ask us to assist them in their projects. People have finally dared to incorporate plants into their living spaces, and now they ask us for advice, as well as where they can buy a certain plant or a piece of equipment,” Tomislav said.

“After each workshop, we get asked when another one will take place and whether we can visit other towns besides Zagreb. The community tells a really beautiful story about the love which comes out from something as simple as a plant in front of a window,” Leon said, adding that their initiative is a Croatian product. “The name of the project is in Croatian, all texts are written in Croatian and we promote local brands and crafts we trust. We knew that we might lose some of the followers in other countries, but we believe it is worthwhile investing in the community and showing that there is room for good ideas in Croatia as well,” Leon explained.

251118 urban jungle trend 3

They have attended numerous fairs, met some of their idols and created wonderful friendships, including with the head of the Zagreb Botanical Gardens. The number of followers is growing daily. They brought together experienced gardeners, but also beginners who are just discovering the joy of living in a green oasis.

Their most important advice is to find a good site for your plant. “All plants like the sunlight, but it has to be mild sunlight that will not burn them. Western windows are an enemy to the plants; they will prosper if you put them in front of windows looking in other directions. When you learn the basics, you can really enjoy every new leaf and flower.”

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Translated from (reported by Antonela Žgela).