Advent in Zagreb Programme Presented: Movies, Fairy Tales and Concerts

By 9 November 2018

The first Advent stalls will be opened in 18 days, while the official start of the Advent in Zagreb is December 1. The festival will conclude on 6 January, and here is an overview of the events taking place in the city during the most festive part of the year, reports on November 9, 2018.

One of the new programmes this year which is certain to draw a lot of attention is the Film Advent at the Baković Sisters Passage, which will be decorated like a set of a Christmas movie, providing countless opportunities for taking Instagram photos. When you get bored with taking pictures, you can enter the nearby Europe Cinema where favourite Christmas movies will be screened.

091118 advent 2

Another new location is Stara Tkalča, which will give visitors an opportunity to get to know old crafts. That will witness the skills of old Zagreb clockmakers, hatters, butchers and bakers, with plenty of opportunities for taking photos.

The third new programming element is the Advent in Maksimir and the Zoo, which will allow the visitors to discover what the animals are doing even outside of the official ZOO opening times. The programme will include interactive workshops for whole families.

When it comes to old, well-known Advent locations, they will be decorated in the fairytale style this year. The Advent will have three themes. The first is the famous Croatian author Ivana Brlić Mažuranić, and this theme will run through most of the festival sites.

091118 advent 3

The second theme is music, so the classic Christmas soon will be heard throughout the city centre. As many as eight special festivals will be held: Adventfest in the Cathedral, Advent Classic Fest, Festival of Advent and Christmas Songs in Zagreb, Concerts in the St Catherine Church, the Zagreb Soloists Concert Programme, Advent in the Parish of St. Blaze, From the Christmas Balconies, and Christmas with the Kids.

The third theme is ecology, meaning that plastic straws, cups and plates will not be used this year. The city authorities have appealed to caterers to replace them with paper cups and straws, or with products made of recycled materials.

Everything else will be quite similar to last year. The festivities begin with the lighting of the first Advent candle at 5 pm on December 1, continuing with the opening of the Ice Park and the lighting of the Christmas lights at Zrinjevac at 8 pm.

091118 advent 4

The Advent will also take place from Ban Jelačić Square to the Flower Square, while the urban atmosphere will be felt the most on the European Square. The Marić Passage will be decorated in the Christmas spirit, just like Zrinjevac, while the Strossmayer Square will host the Fuliranje event. The southern endpoint of the Advent is the Ice Park on Tomislav Square.

The Grič tunnel will host the Museum of Reality, in cooperation with UNICEF. The Vranicani Meadow will host photo points, and the very successful Cafe de Matoš will return.

The Museum of Arts and Crafts, the Ethnographic Museum and the Archaeological Museum will organise special Advent exhibitions.

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