EU Project to Foster Love of Reading in Children Launched

By 28 October 2018

ZAGREB, October 28, 2018 - The "Traditional children's stories for a common future – TRACE" project from the EU Erasmus+ programme, which is dedicated to children's literature and will be implemented over the next two years by partners from Croatia, Greece, Latvia and Spain, was launched at the National and University Library in Zagreb.

Frida Bisćan, coordinator of the 1.3 million kuna project, said that TRACE was intended primarily for children aged 6-12 as well as for their teachers, librarians, parents and anyone involved in work with children. "The partner-countries will each choose which stories we will translate into the languages of the participating countries and into English, the official project language," said Bisćan.

The project will also include workshops to acquaint project participants with creative and innovative methods of encouraging children to read, think critically and research European culture on their own, through familiar literature – traditional children's stories that are a valuable part of the European cultural heritage.

Bisćan said that the project was designed to encourage children not only to read but develop and cherish their own language and culture. "By reading, we cherish and enrich our own expression, by reading stories and learning about stories from other countries we get to know the history and culture of the countries that surround us and with which we live in unity in the EU," she said. "The project aims to... teach children about the importance of coexistence and tolerance, while developing their digital competences," said Bisćan.

The project "Traditional children's stories for a common future – TRACE" is being implemented from 1 September 2018 to 31 August 2020.

Participants in the project, which is coordinated by the National and University Library in Zagreb, are the "Mala Filozofija" association promoting informal education, critical thinking and practical philosophy from Zadar, Croatia, the "Josip Pupačić" primary school from Omiš, Croatia, the University of Peloponnese, Department of social & training policy from Corinth, Greece, Biedriba Radosas Idejas from Riga, Latvia, and Fundacion Euroarabe de Altos Estudios from Granada, Spain.

This is just one of several recent projects aimed at children.