After Criticism, Swedish Expat Publishes Eight Positive Things about Living in Croatia

By 11 September 2018

Blixt writes that people in Croatia are more friendly than she is used to.

Blogger Mellisa Blixt, who moved to Croatia three months ago and recently published a blog about negative experiences of living in Croatia, has now published a new post on the positive sides of life in Croatia, reports Večernji List on September 11, 2018.

1. People are keen to help
Blixt writes that people in Croatia are more friendly than she is used to and that people here talk to their neighbours – whether they want it or not.

2. The focus is not on official titles and business careers
In the northern countries, there is great emphasis on your position in the business world, while in Croatia people do not care what your job is.

3. Climate and sea
While northerners suffer from depression due to the weather, people in Croatia must block the sun. Both countries are obsessed with the sun, but in the opposite sense, says Mellisa.

4. Food
Mellisa writes that there are many stalls in Croatia with locally grown fruits and vegetables, while in Sweden a lot of them are imported and genetically modified.

5. The beauty of the architecture
Mellisa says that in Sweden, most of the buildings are new and that little remains of the old constructions, while in Croatia the history can be seen everywhere.

6. Use of cash
Mellisa hates that banks in Sweden want to cut down on their clients’ use of cash, which would enable them to completely control the currency. In Croatia, that is not the case.

7. People have big hearts (sometimes)
Blixt lists as examples the farewell to popular singer Oliver Dragojević and the football celebrations after the World Cup. She adds that people in Croatia have a lot of energy, but she wanted them to use it more.

8. Opportunities
The fact that Croatia is underdeveloped in many aspects opens up great opportunities and possibilities for those who have the energy to do something, says Mellisa, who promises to write more about positive and negative things in Croatia.

Translated from Večernji List.