Government and UNICEF Launch Foster Care Campaign

By 28 August 2018

ZAGREB, August 28, 2018 - The Croatian Ministry of Demography, Family and Youth Affairs and Social Welfare and UNICEF, in cooperation with a civil society association that networks of foster parent organisations in Croatia, on Tuesday announced the launch of a campaign under the slogan "Every Child Needs a Family".

Demography Minister Nada Murganić said that, according to her ministry's statistics, currently 2,259 children are being cared for by foster families in Croatia. Furthermore, 814 children without adequate parental care are in institutions, and 90 children are under the age of three.

Growing up in institutions, despite efforts by employees in them, cannot offset the lack of experience of being cared for in an individual family, the minister said.

The chairwoman of the UNICEF Croatia Valentina Otmačić spoke about the importance of providing family care for children.

UNICEF Croatia states on its web site that "growing up in an institution is harmful to a child’s development."

"Significant progress has been achieved over the past few years on enhancing the foster care system in Croatia, yet an unduly large number of children still grow up in institutions," this UN organisation notes.

UNICEF also strongly advocates the enhancement of the foster care system in terms of continuous support, monitoring and education of foster families, according to the information on its web site.