Cable Car Connecting Šibenik Fortresses No Longer Just a Dream?

By 16 August 2018

The new tourist traffic system would connect all of Šibenik's sights. 

The City of Šibenik, in cooperation with architect Nikola Bašić, has been preparing the basis for implementing a public lifts system, which would connect all Šibenik fortresses, reports HRTurizam on August 16, 2018. 

One of the opportunities for co-financing is the tender of the Ministry of Tourism, which was recently announced for co-financing the development of public tourist infrastructure, where the city of Šibenik sees its opportunity to co-finance the design documentation for the Šibenik cable car. 

An application to the Ministry of Tourism will depend on a series of pre-requisites necessary for the realization of the project and fulfilling the conditions set out by the Public Call, highlighting the city of Šibenik and adding that they welcome positive changes in the creation of legal framework related to the cable car system since a bill was drafted which regulates the legal forms and frames of the gondola and cable car above the settlement.

"This positive trend continues with the Ministry of Tourism by announcing this public invitation, which proves that the lifts are a good tourist offer, which is an additional incentive for the City of Šibenik to determine the dynamics of the forthcoming activities needed for the realization of the project,” emphasized the Mayor of Sibenik, Željko Burić.

In order to come up with a conceptual solution, the City of Šibenik will have to make a study of cost-effectiveness that will define the route, number of passengers and ownership. 

"The study would determine whether the lift would be open throughout the year or seasonally, and would also define the project carrier - more precisely, whether the lifts will be given in a concession after construction or a company that would be in charge of the lifts would be formed. The lifts would certainly be unique, and it would be a tourist and traffic project with which Šibenik will use all the benefits of its specific layout and position, and thus rich cultural and historical heritage,” Burić concludes.

The project, named “Šibenska okomica”, is the work of architect Nikola Bašić, in which he intends to connect the St. Michael fortress and St. John fortress by cable car, going from St. Michael’s to Gat Vrulje and Banj beach, and from St. John’s fortress to the Fort Baron.

“Šibenska okomica” is an alternative public utilities and tourist traffic system that connects all of Šibenik's sights, historic core, cathedral, St. Anthony’s Channel and all fortresses of the Šibenik fortification system, without using the existing conventional traffic infrastructure.

The first element of the project would be a public urban escalator which would connect Dolac with the fortress of Sv. Michael. In the same direction, the movement would continue with the cable car to the St. John fortress and then to Šubićevac. On the same urban axis, there would be a sea 'vaporetto' connecting St. Anthony’s Channel, St. Nicholas fortress and Jadrija. At Šubićevac and the former Minerska barracks, in the northern and southern part, terminals for tourist buses would be organized, which would leave visitors, depending on the chosen itinerary, at one terminal while they would wait at the other. It would, therefore, be possible to visit all of Šibenik's sights without touching the traffic of the congested city streets. 

While it is important that the project is implemented quickly, above all, it should attractively connect the city. "Šibenska okomica" is not only a traffic system, but also a contribution to stopping the process of urban atrophy, which jeopardizes Šibenik's historical core.