Severe Weather in Dalmatia: Wild Winds Cause Sandstorm in Ploče (Video)

By 15 August 2018

Because it wouldn't be summer in Dalmatia without a good storm. 

A severe summer storm struck Dalmatia on Tuesday, resulting in powerful swirling winds that created a sandstorm in Ploče, reports on August 15, 2018. 

The bizarre weather was captured on video by Damir Jelčić, who wrote:

"At about 2:30 pm in southwest Ploče, a severe storm hit with vigorous swirling winds that changed directions. The wind carried everything in front of it. In the video, you can see the view of the harbor and the Industrial Zone. The air temperature fell 10 degrees in an hour. The severe weather then went further east.”

You can see the video below.

Weather in Dalmatia could see another thunderstorm tomorrow, though sunny skies and warm temperatures will quickly follow.