Blossoming Tourism for Senj!

The tourism flower is beginning to blossom in Senj!

As Morski writes on the 23rd of June, 2018, judging from the encouraging statistics of 2018's pre-season, more specifically from January to May, Senj's tourism can expect to break some records this year.

According to e-Visitor's data, in the first five months of the year, Senj recorded 1,512 more arrivals than it did last year, marking an increase of 24,1%, coupled with 4,438 overnight stays, an increase of 31.5%, which exceeded even the most optimistic expectations held. In 2017's pre-season, there were 6,267 arrivals, and this year there have been 7,779 during the same period, while overnight stays, which numbered 14,087 in the first five months of last year, rose to 18,525 in the same period this year.

The main tourist season has been being prolonged every year in Croatia for some time now, which is, among other factors, the result of the increasing and richer tourist offer as a whole in the Senj area, especially in the hinterland, the increasing number of events and their quality is also systematically working to improve numbers and gradually extend the time frame.

This year, Senj's tourism offer is complemented by new sports facilities at the Tennis Recreation and Sports Centre in Senj, where tourists can try their hands (or feet) at football, handball, tennis, table tennis, bowling, badminton, and use the fitness equipment, according to a report from Novi list. Additionally, a visit to the House of Velebit (Kuća Velebita) can now be enjoyed in Krasna, the four-storey House of Velebit, the doors of which are now open, showcases the richness and the beauty of Velebit, as well as its immense diversity, cultural, and natural value.

Senj has recognised the importance of the area's promotional events and has allocated much more funds to just that this year. In the year 2017, 610,000 kuna was allocated for such events, while in 2018, as much as 1,250,450 kuna, which is about double the figure from the previous year, has been allocated.

Before the tourist season, Senj's tourist board organised an educational workshop for accommodation providers in order to help them meet the new legal regulations set out by the Tourist and Customs Inspectorate and the Tax Administration.

Within that educational workshop, Nedo Pinezić presented the branding of family accommodation and the quality label for Lika-Senj County, and a lecture was given by Senj photoclub under the title ''A picture speaks 1000 words'', highlighting the importance of quality photography in all forms of advertising, especially in regard to promoting private and family accommodation.


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