Art Along the Coast: Rhapsody Art Exhibition by Žana Bajić in Marina Frapa

By 6 June 2018

If you are sailing the Dalmatian coast and in need of a dose of art and culture, from the 2nd – 30th June 2018, you can catch the Rhapsody art exhibition by Žana Bajić at Marina Frapa in Rogoznica.

Art is an expression of our thoughts, emotions and desires. It is something very personal, reflecting the way we experience the world. If you are an art lover passing by the Šibenik-Knin County, this is a great opportunity to stop by the town of Rogoznica and enjoy the works of art by Žana Bajić in the marvelous ambiance of Marina Frapa Resort Rogoznica, from the 2nd until the 30th of June.  

“Rhapsody” art exhibition, by Žana Bajić, was inspired by the renowned Croatian music producer and composer Tonći Huljić, and his soundtracks “Music for Maksim” in the documentary “Croatian Rhapsody: Maksim Mrvica”, the documentary about the Croatian pianist playing classical crossover music. The documentary was produced by Žana Bajić herself and directed by Bruna Bajić, Žana’s daughter. Žana Bajić artwork inspired by music, represents “The art of mixing”, the mixture of audio and visual art.

Bruna and Žana Bajić.jpg

Bruna and Žana Bajić

During the recording of the documentary, Žana had the opportunity to get acquainted with the great music work of Tonći Huljić.  She immediately fell in love with the soundtracks and decided to create a couple of paintings, inspired by his unique style and music. That is how her painting adventure began. The initial idea was not to include the entire musical opus, but when she started painting, she could not resist and painted the entire opus. In short, that is how the “Rhapsody” was created.


"Child in Paradise"

So far Rhapsody contains 15 acrylic paintings and Tonći Huljić book of soundtracks has 17 pieces. Each painting is named after the soundtrack by which the painting is painted. Žana claims that two more paintings are still in her ‘factory of ideas’. Two last paintings are still in the process of creation and will soon be presented to the public.  


"Poseidon's Tale"

Over the years, her great inspiration has been many great talents, the kind that leaves you breathless. One of them is Maksim Mrvica, musician and worldwide famous artist.  She has always been impressed by Maksim's piano virtuosity and the unique way of interpretation. She also considers Tonći Huljić as a great talent and inspiration as she claims that he has the ability to make interesting innovations of long musical tradition.

"Rhapsody" is one of three art exhibitions inspired by musical art, painted by Žana Bajić.

Zana photo by Marina Frapa (800 x 800).jpg

Žana Bajić with her painting in Marina Frapa

These bright and vibrant paintings will be exhibited in the Marina Frapa Resort Rogoznica, next to the reception desk. It is also possible to purchase the paintings, if one so catches your attention.



All photos courtesy of Žana Bajić and Marina Frapa, Rogoznica.