Volkswagen Sunbed: Zadar Man Avoids Police by Sunbathing On Car Roof

Running from the long arm of the law? Just relax. No, really.

It isn't really that much of an unusual occurrence for a car to find its way to the sea in Zadar, as bizarre as that sounds. With that being said, the reaction of most people upon seeing their beloved four-wheeled bank account drainer fall into the unforgiving sea, would be less than pleasant. 

One man in Zadar has clearly realised that we can only control our reactions to life, and not life itself. He decided to demonstrate that zen is the way of life we all need to try to adopt, and the level this man has managed to reach goes far beyond any notions of fjaka you might have picked up along the way. 

As Index writes on the 1st of June, 2018, the unlucky car in question is a Golf, or, was...

And although the superiority of German engineering couldn't quite beat the salty waters of the sea, this gentleman has set quite an example of how at peace one really can be. Following a brief sunbathing session on the roof of the ailing Volkswagen and a deliberate avoidance of the police, his desire to avoid the boys in blue took him back into the sea itself as instead of swimming towards the shore, he swam towards some nearby boats.

He eventually had enough of the rays and decided he'd give the local police the time of day to discuss what exactly had happened.

Information surrounding the incident, which took place at around 16:30, remains a bit unclear. The car was still in the sea until recently, and the man's tan is likely a few degrees darker.