Eco Team Connects Krka and Knin in Name of Tourism

Good news for Knin as an eco team from Krka connect the historic inland Dalmatian city with NP Krka.

As SibenikIN writes on the 24th of May, 2018, by cleaning up the the fire path of the river Krka's left side to the mouth where the Butižnica river flows into the Krka river, the overlooked town of Knin can be properly connected with the wildly popular national park, as Inga Kukolj from Krk's ecological association stated from Knin.

The action was held through public works with the support of the employment office, with twenty people participating in the works, and the former ''jungle'' now resembles an actual walkway between the two locations.

''With infinite thanks to the Krka eco team for [undertaking] this historically important action for Knin, we kindly ask for the competent institutions to continue taking care of and maintaining the road.''

''We'd like to thank the employment office for its support, and to you, dear Knin locals and guests, we'd like to invite you to take a walk along this wonderful trail and enjoy it,'' Inga Kukolj added.

Nobody was walking along this pathway because it was neglected and it was not possible. Despite having been cleaned up and made safe for those who fancy a walking, the environment has been properly respected, nothing has been concreted, and the trail still remains the perfect type for nature lovers.

Kukolj noted that particular emphasis has now been placed on the competent institutions to continue keeping an eye on things, to make sure the pathway is properly kept and maintained because the means to do that don't lie with Krka's ecological association, nor is there any money for that. She added that there is great communication and cooperation between NP Krka and Knin, but that despite the national park's popularity, tourism still isn't managing to really find its way to Knin.

''For years, we've talked and talked about the fact that Knin needs to be connected with the National Park (Krka), but tourism simply doesn't come to Knin. This is, therefore, a unique opportunity,'' concluded Kukolj.