Sailing in Croatia: The Beauty of April Sailing

Take me to the April sun in Croatia…

Record temperatures have been recorded throughout Croatia for the month of April. On April 15th, Dubrovnik recorded its highest ever April temperature since records began, a crazy 30.2° Celsius! I don’t want to even begin to go into the possible reasons for this or what it means on a global scale… right now, let’s just reminisce over April sun.

Today is May 1st 2018 and already, I feel like I might miss April. It has been a truly exceptional month and I managed to enjoy a solid 8 days at sea for various reasons. Last week we took to the sea with Nava Boats on X Yachts for a skipper training,

fullsizeoutput_2f70 (400 x 600).jpg

Credit: Alenka Alujevic

followed by an amazing 4 days on the Hanse Cup Adriatic

Malena (600 x 400).jpg

Credit: Croatia Yachting

and on Sunday, I found myself on the island of Murter, having transferred our yacht to the Murter dry dock for the final summer preparations.

On Sunday, we sailed (actually motored) from Split to Murter island to lift our yacht Sinbadsan out of the water for our final preparations before our first tour. For the last 3 years we have brought yachts to the Murter dry dock but never, have we enjoyed such a perfect day.

We exited the Cetina river, where Sinbadsan has been moored all winter and motored away from the last gusts of bura – which always likes to visit Omiš first thing in the morning. From there, we had not a breeze for the entire 9-hour trip.


The Adriatic was like glass, actually more like a mirror – distinguishing the sky from the sea became increasingly difficult as the day went on. The islands on the horizon looked ethereal in the afternoon sun, like desert mirages floating in the distance.

GOPR2649 (800 x 600).jpg

Cruising past Split, there were sails dotted around the Split harbour, Čiovo and the closest islands like Brač and Šolta but the further north we sailed, the fewer boats we saw. For every boat we did pass, a friendly wave was exchanged, and the wave was accompanied by a knowing smile– as if we were all part of a secret club who knows that April holds the charm that sailors seek...

Perfect morning and afternoon breezes, a Spring sun that emits enough heat to lightly kiss the skin but not the sweltering almost oppressive heat that July and August bring. And better yet, no tussling with other sailors and boats for a good spot in a bay or port. As we cruised further north and into the Šibenik archipelago, we sailed past gorgeous bay after bay, mostly empty and begging to be anchored in and enjoyed. And some were doing just that, we saw a few boats anchored and a few brave souls taking their first dip of the season; if we had time to stop, I probably would have done the same.

One of Croatia’s prized slogan’s is “The Mediterranean as it Once Was”, I don’t think this slogan can be used to describe Croatia in the summer months anymore but yesterday, it was more than fitting. The further we sailed, the more I felt transported to another time and place.

I have done this trip several times in April now and this was the first time that I was sitting in a pair of shorts and t-shirt, soaking up the sun and silence.

Unfortunately, during the season, we don’t often do a Northern route which is a shame. From Split to the edge of the Kornati takes around 10-hours (averaging 7-knots) which is a long distance to travel if you need to return to Split in 7-days; but for the guests we did take North, no one regretted it. The Šibenik and Kornati Archipelago are such a special area, more a feeling than any photo or description could do justice.

GOPR2655 (800 x 600).jpg

We approached Murter and pulled into the bazen (pool to be lifted out of) just as the sky moved through hues of oranges and the sun dipped below the horizon. I feel as if the serenity of this trip will linger with me for days to come, while half-knowing that it is a teaser before the summer madness and rush takes over…


Take me to the April sun in Croatia.


Unless stated, all photos by Tash Pericic