Spring Fashion Floods Zagreb

By 27 April 2018

Thursday evening of April 27 seems to have been destined for fashion events in Zagreb

The first was in the very center of the capital in Teslina Street, a presentation of the spring collection of the renowned Italian brand Pinko, followed by the soft admirer of Scandinavian design, Garderoba in Martićeva Street, which celebrated its birthday.

After last year’s spectacular opening of the monobrand store in the center of Zagreb, named “Welcome to Pinko Street,” the Italian brand has profiled itself very quickly into the it fashion destination for all those who appreciate the quality of the Italian tailoring tradition and modern technology. Continuing its Zagreb street story, Pinko once again thrilled with exceptionally wearable models, made for a determined, feminine, urban and playful woman.

The keywords of the new Pinko collection are explosive energy and modernity, best embodied by Ella Dvornik and Olja Vori, helped by the Italian makeup brand NajOleari and the skillful hands of makeup artist Ivana Bilandžija Billy to shine in pin-up and glam-rock looks. The merry and pink Pinko vision of spring and summer fashion drew interest from many public personas, including TV host Antonija Blaće and actress Kristina Krepela, fashion editors Vanja Ljubić of Storybook, Anita Naprta of Telegram and Aleksandra Orlić of Cosmopolitan, Isabella Vrtar of Sensa, Sandra Njavro of Cover and numerous fashion bloggers.

Several streets further, in the sophisticated concept store Garderoba, a true festive mood. The design of this space and its authenticity have attracted attention since the opening, even getting a mention in the New York Times, and the clothes here are special and original, sometimes even avant-garde. Mingling and socializing here were business women and journalists, such as Elle editor Nambi Kezić, but also artists such as photographer Mara Bratoš, actor Nikša Kušelj, designer Nikola Žinić, Filip Despot and Tihana Taraba, producer Nebojša Taraba and fashion designer Silvijo Vujčić – all admirers of Scandinavian fashion.

A premier showing took place in Garderoba of the short film “In the mirror of the wardrobe,” in which the concept author of Garderoba, Ana Ivančić, witnesses how she took her 25-year successful manager career in the finance industry and replaced it with the role of a fashion store owner with the idea to actively advise women how to use clothing to express their personal creativity and individuality. “Clothing can be used for creative expression even in the most conservative industries such as finances. And clothing beyond certain framework is not a vain trend, but strategically defines our business communication, also unleashing individuality. A woman who allows herself expression through clothing, automatically becomes more authentic and efficient in her communication, both business and in free time. Designers of globally popular brands I offer in my store – Malene Birger, Baum und Pferdgarten, Ganni, Rodebjer and Designers Remix – are creative female directors who create for the woman, knowing female nature quite well. This enables the functionality of design of the clothing based on quality materials and the possibility of their mutual combination which frees the creativity of each woman,” stated the concept author of Garderoba, Ana Ivančić.