Slovenes Unhappy About Price Increases in Croatia

By 27 April 2018

Regardless of price increases which aren't exactly delighting the neighbours, a record season is expected once again.

''Holidays on the Croatian coast will be significantly more expensive this year than last year,'' writes the Slovenian publication Delo.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 27th of April, 2018, there is a calculation of a 10 percent higher toll fee, for ferries as well, and up to five times the fee for ship owners, as well as expensive hotels and restaurants. "These are just some of the many price increases", reports tportal.

Special emphasis was put on nautical tourism. Delo writes that the Croatian coast is one of the most popular destinations for millions of European lovers of boats and yachts, and that the strong increase in the number of yachts resulted in the rise of the number of berths in Croatian marinas all along the coast.

"Because of more expensive berths and other fees, boat owners are considering holidaying in other Mediterranean countries," the Slovenian portal says.

However, Delo writes, Slovenian marina managers aren't expecting that many yachts to actually leave Croatian marinas owing to the aforementioned (and much complained about) price increases.

The editor of the ''More'' (Sea) magazine Braslav Karlić spoke to the Slovenian newspaper and has calculated that in eleven years, meaning since the year 2006, the number of ships on the Croatian Adriatic rose by a considerable 27 percent, and the number of yachtsmen increased by as much as 50 percent.

As mentioned, in spite of the highly unpopular price increases, Karlić is very much expecting a record season this year, once again. Every year, a massive 300 to 400 new berths are built in marinas. Croatia's nautical boom is best illustrated by the ever-increasing crowds crowds on the islands of Vis and Hvar. The daily fee to moor on the seafront stands at 1250 kuna, or 169 euro.

Slovenia's Delo concluded that good tourist forecasts are normally followed by rising prices. As of May the 2nd, tickets to Kamenjak beach and its camping site are twice as expensive as they were last year - with the former 40 kuna price jumping to 80 kuna.