Microsoft WinDays18 to Bring 2000 Participants to Poreč

By 24 April 2018

April 24, 2018 - Atendees can choose between 200 lectures, held by some 180 local and foreign professionals

Sveti Nikola island, situated off the coast of the Istrian city of Poreč, is currently hosting Microsoft WinDays18 - the biggest, most influential conference on business and technology in the region. More than 2.000 participants are expected at this year's edition of the conference, coming to attend a staggering total of almost 200 lectures. The programme is the most densely packed one since the launch of WinDays Business and WinDays Technology conferences ten years ago, reports Glas Istre.

Some 140 lectures will be held during the conference, while the Windays18 Business will see more than 50. The 18th edition of WinDays is being held under the high auspices of the President of the Republic of Croatia.

This year's main topics are centered around good business practices with an accent on certain industries. On the first day of the conference, the participants had six themed programmes to choose from: financial institutions, production, retail services, health care, public administration, and education. On the second day, the attendees will get to learn more about current business trends such as Blockchain, Internet of Things, Data Science and AI.

As stated, WinDays18 Technology will bring over a hundred lectures and present the latest trends and news from the technology domain, focusing on technological solutions and tools. The key topics will be dedicated to the integrated and intelligent business systems, safety information systems and solutions based on open code.

A couple of prominent guests will address the audience at the main ceremony: Philippe Rogge, Vice President of Microsoft for Central and Eastern Europe; Anke den Ouden, General Director of the Multi-Country Region of Central and Eastern Europe, and Tatjana Skoko, Director of Microsoft Croatia.

Poreč will thus host some 180 local and foreign lecturers this week, including a large number of leading experts in the fields of business and technology. During the last 10 years, trends in technologiy and business have been changing considerably, and it was always the WinDays conference that bravely delved into current topics and influenced the local business community and their models. The organisers of WinDays have reiterated that this year's conference is meant to answer the most crucial questions in business and tech, as well as define the possible outlook of Croatia's future and increase competitiveness in comparison with other countries in the wider region.

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Photo credit: Microsoft WinDays konferencija Facebook page