Tourist Facilities in Motovun Dissatisfied with 30 Percent Less Traffic

By 24 April 2018

In recent years, the annual total of daily visitors has been estimated at 400,000.

After several months of preparation and even delay due to the bad weather in March, Motovun recently introduced a billing system for tours of the medieval city walls through a tourist package called the "Motovun Experience" or "Motovun Impressions'', writes Glas Istre.

The introduction of a bill from municipal administration and the Motovun Tourist Board for the medieval walls is one of the ways to obtain the financial means to maintain and take care of Motovun's monumental heritage.

Despite that, Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 24th of April, 2018, that Motovun's tourism workers aren't particularly delighted with the news, stating that traffic has been reduced by about 30 percent.

As mentioned, in recent years, the annual amount of daily visitors to Motovun has been estimated to be around 400,000, which, while good for the town's bank balance, represents an enormous infrastructure pressure on this ancient town, problems all too familiar to Dubrovnik in the extreme south of Dalmatia. The idea is that guests who pay for ticket are offered a package of varied content in return for their cash.

"We'd like visitors to experience Motovun as the pearl of Istria, as a place where visual attractions come together and offer a variety of activities, which will encourage local stakeholders to multiply the offerings of different content, as well as to help preserve and improve Motovun's receptive infrastructure", stated Motovun's Tourist Board Director, Iva Jeletić Prodan.