Dubrovnik: Lokrum Welcomes 2018's Season! Boats Every Hour

Dubrovnik's emerald island welcomes the season.

Lokrum's opening has declared 2018's tourist season to be officially open as boats head to the uninhabited nature reserve every hour from Dubrovnik's Old Port.

A mere 600 metres from the shores of Dubrovnik itself, the island of Lokrum is a huge and timeless draw for tourists and locals alike every year, with its glistening, rugged shoreline and beautiful thick pine forests, the island boasts a silent charm (as long as you ignore the crickets) unlike anywhere else in the otherwise busy Pearl of the Adriatic, offering a breath of fresh air from the hustle and bustle of the beautiful walled city.

The nature reserve, home to various animals including rabbits and peacocks (and yes, the two get along rather well), keeps the ferry heading back and forth throughout the season packed with both residents and visitors. Offering unspoiled nature, crystal clear waters and the chance to escape the crowds, Lokrum doesn't need to lift a finger to keep Dubrovnik's visitors from all over the world coming back for more and more.

As Morski writes on the 2nd of April, 2018, last week, the Lokrum nature reserve began issuing this year's guidelines for visiting the island. Citizens of the City of Dubrovnik can enjoy four free departures per month each month to the island upon the presentation of a valid government issued photographic ID card. This offer is on the table for every month the island is ''open'' to visitors, which was limited to just the summer months in previous years.

To quickly remind ourselves, this public institution also increased ticket prices for 2018, so a return ticket will now cost 150 kuna as opposed to 2017's 120 kuna price tag. Agency prices for groups have also increased, from 100 kuna to 120 kuna per person, while the children's ticket (five to fifteen years) has remained the same, at a cost of 25 kuna.

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