Šibenik Students Sing in Brussels!

By 26 March 2018

The Belgian capital gets a taste of Dalmatia.

Twenty students from the Šibenik high school Antun Vrančić are spending this week in Brussels at the joint invitation of MEPs Ivana Maletić and Tonino Picula.

Šibenik's Antun Vrančić school is part of the "European Ambassador School" (EPAS) program, and seeing as both Picula and Maletić originate from Šibenik, they decided with absolute pleasure to host them in Brussels.

The young Klapa group which is made up of students from the aforementioned Šibenik high school, led by prof. Loran Antunac, will produce two original Šibenik songs tomorrow (Tuesday, March the 27th) at 14:00, directly for the European Parliament itself.

"I'm looking forward to having a chance to host the Šibenik students, and I'm especially glad that the school is an ambassador to the European Parliament. I've been supporting this program for a while now because it increases the awareness of young people about the importance of European institutions whose work directly affects them in their lives. This will be the sugar at the end of this visit,'' stated Tonino Picula.

"I'm glad the students of the Šibenik school are coming to visit us. I'm glad that their theory and knowledge of the work of European institutions will be completed with the practical experience of visiting the institution in Brussels, and talking to representatives. It's a special pleasure that owing to their talents and their work, they'll convey the spirit and the tradition of our klapa songs here at the very seat of the EU,'' added Ivana Maletić. 

The Šibenik high school students in will spend four days in the Belgian capital, from Monday to Thursday this week.