Cocktails and Food Filled up Time

By 24 March 2018

The only flaw of such a great pairing is the hefty amount of alcohol in the cocktails

In the early evening hours of March 21 at the renowned Zagreb restaurant Time, specialized in excellent food but also entertainment (gastrotainment), in cooperation with the Acrobat company a special presentation was held. It was a slightly unusual pairing of food and cocktails – completely in line with the trend of growing hedonism. Cocktails were mostly based on the Mar gin from the Vantguard company portfolio. The dinner was created and led by Vantguard’s brand ambassador and bartender Enzo Comes and regional director Carlos Morante, together with Time’s chef team.

Enzo Comes comes from Italy, beginning his career as a waiter and sommelier, completing catering management studies and working four years in London in a 2-star Michelin restaurant. After London he moved to Spain where he began his bartending career. In Barcelona, where he lives today, he experienced work in a specific gin bar. In the past years he has worked as a BAM (bartender activation manager) for Vantguard, actively participating in the organization of global platforms such as Gin mare Med-cocktails, Creation of Low Alcohol, Low Sugar cocktails, Tales of Cocktails 2017 and many others.


First and not least important – the water served was from artesian wells of La Rioja (22) whose pH is most like the human saliva, perfectly cleansing the mouth and palate and is – not least important, tasty. The first course named Adriatic Toro Tuna was made up of toro tuna marinated in ginger and lime with dasji jelly and a puree of baked apple with liquid sushi rice, paired with the Capucana Cachaca Apple Batida cocktail. Apple and liquid rice bended great with the cachaca based cocktail, served in plastic bags with a straw to mimic Brazilian street cachacas. The food really pointed out the citruses and green herbal aromas of the cocktail so the pairing was successful and it can truly be said the cocktail enriched and elevated the meal.

The main course was Pag lamb: glazed lamb muscle, shoulder ham, ham and crunchy belly on crème of chickpea with glazed chicory and pickled onion. Perfectly baked pieces were paired with the Gin Mare Onion Gimlet cocktail based on Gin Mare and cordial onion and parmesan liqueur with a touch of aromatized Arbequin olive oil. The cocktail was enriched with rosemary and filtered sea water. It was a brave combination which reached the wanted nuances through the pairing. The Gin Mare Onion Gimlet cocktail is strong, salty and perfectly balanced, and caused general exhilaration in combination with the lamb.

Dessert by Robert Hromalić turned out to be the highpoint of the evening. It was a lemon Créme Brülée, wonderful citrus with candied kumquat and honey, filled with lemon cream, crumble, yuzu gel with menthol and lemon marshmallow. A true explosion of taste and scent in perfect balance. The cocktail going with it was the Ysabel Regina Sidecar – actualy a variation of the cocktail made for this dessert with Cointreau, fresh lime juice and vanilla sugar border. As Croats are coffee lovers, Enzo and the team served a non-alcoholic cocktail for the end, a combination of coffee and tonic 1274. Tonic with a bit of cold brew coffee completed the experience and eased the travel home, as the only flaw of such a great pairing is the hefty amount of alcohol in the cocktails. Still, may it happen again!