Šibenik to Renovate Neglected Promenade on Krapanj Island

By 20 March 2018

The island of Krapanj is ready for a makeover, thanks to EU cash.

While Medjimurje was recently crowned ''king'' when it comes to the use of EU funds, the Dalmatian coastal town of Šibenik is often praised for the shining example it sets to other Croatian cities when it comes to the withdrawing of and the smart use of European cash for various projects and investments in infrastructure and tourism, it seems that trend is set to continue.

As Morski writes on the 19th of March, 2018, a contract worth 370,000 kuna was signed on Friday by the City of Šibenik with the Ministry of Regional Development and European Union funds.

This money will be allocated to the renovation and doing up of a neglected walkway on the island of Krapanj near Šibenik, a project which will see a promenade 1,320 meters in length come ''back to life'', as was announced from the city administration.

Funds have been allocated to the City of Šibenik in line with a 2018 program dealing with island development. The aim of the aforementioned program is to create the prerequisites for the sustainable economic and social development of the islands, by increasing the overall quality of life and by promoting the development of island specifics, according to a report from the local portal ŠibenikIn.

The promenade adaption project on the island of Krapanj includes the renovation and preservation of the aforementioned walkway along the coast of Krapanj island, with a total length of 1,320 metres. The island's promenade is currently in a very bad, neglected state due to the effects the elements have had on the area over the years. Additionally, the project envisages the renovation of the existing pedestrian area, as well as benches and other rest points to take in the views.

There is a tender for the contractor for these works, and the generally expected duration of the works is two months.

''Our inhabited islands are an integral part of the City of Šibenik, and we're striving to make investments in communal infrastructure different from the investments in infrastructure in other parts of the city. The total value of the grants awarded to the City of Šibenik was 370,000 kuna, and within the scope of the same program in the past, Šibenik had two complete new and equipped playgrounds on the islands of Krapanj and Žirje,'' stated Mayor Željko Burić.