Island of Vitality: Lošinj Resident Celebrates 105th Birthday

By 19 March 2018

Three residents of Lošinj island have already celebrated their 100th birthday - and the eldest, Mr Josip Anelić, was just thrown a party for his 105th

Owing to its favourable climate, lush vegetation and all-around desirable living conditions, the island of Lošinj on the northern Adriatic is known as the island of vitality. While I don't know of any scientific studies, there's definitely some evidence to support that claim: one of Lošinj's residents, an elderly gentleman named Josip Anelić, just celebrated his 105th birthday.

Mr Anelić is currently the oldest resident of Lošinj and one of the oldest living citizens in all Croatia. He was thrown a proper birthday bash, attended by his family members and numerous guests, including Tourism Minister Gari Cappelli and Mali Lošinj Mayor Ana Kučić, reports Novi list on March 19, 2018.

"I visited you on your 103rd birthday when I used to be the mayor, and I told you I'd be seeing you again in the coming years. So here I am, and I plan on coming next year as well", said Minister Cappelli.

Mayor Ana Kučić, who had the honour to cut the birthday cake, informed the gathered guests that Lošinj has more than one contender going on 100 years of age. In addition, alongside Mr Anelić, two people who are living on Lošinj have already celebrated their 100th.

Josip Anelić was born on March 19, 1913 in Gradiška, a small village on Cres island. He used to work as a storekeeper in Cres town, operated a fishing boat owned by the company 20th April, and worked as a mechanic in the former Tinned fish factory Kvarner at Rujnica. He retired in 1973 after a career of 42 years.

Mr Anelić has never smoked, but his children said he'd been prone to asking for some pear brandy lately - well deserved. As he himself stated, his recipe for longevity is based on hard work, but also the favourable living conditions on the island of vitality. Happy birthday, Josip!

You can see photos of Mr Anelić's birthday party here