Legends of the Light: Croatian Lighthouses to be Presented at European Parliament

By 19 March 2018

March 19, 2018 - A documentary film about Croatian lighthouses will make its European debut brings an exclusive announcement: Legends of the Light, a lovely publication about 19th-century lighthouses of the Croatian coast, will be presented at the European Parliament in Bruxelles on May 2.

It's been exactly 200 years since the first lighthouse started operating in Croatia. In the night of April 17, 1818, the first beacon lit the night on the coast of Savudrija; if you need any proof of significance of this occasion, let it be known that Emperor Francis II attended the event in person. From this point on, Austro-Hungary went on to build a network of lighthouses along the eastern Adriatic coast, most of them having survived to this day.


The Lux Mediterraneum Association spent three years researching lighthouses on the Croatian Adriatic. They visited all 48 locations on the coast, collected testimonies of the former and current lighthouse keepers, took photographs of exceptional landscape in various weather conditions... All of this resulting in a considerable quantity of valuable content. We're talking about precious stories of the last lighthouse keepers, historical facts that haven't yet been available to the public.

The research project, headed by Gordan Smadilo, led to creation of an oustanding book named Legends of the Light. The book was written by Croatian author and photographer Jurica Gašpar, who will personally present the project at the European Parliament in May.

The occasion will also see a screening of a documentary of the same name, filmed by Igor Goić. Watch the trailer below:

After the Brussels debut, the book/film combo will be presented in other European cities such as Vienna, the former imperial centre where planning the construction of the lighthouse network took place. Legends of the Light will also go on a Croatian tour - more news to follow!