Shipwreck on Prvić: Captain's Chair Still Lodged at the Helm (Video)

By 16 March 2018

The cargo ship Plavi Jadran sank on January 31 off the coast of Prvić island

Remember the maritime accident which took place near Prvić island earlier this year? If not, here's a short recap to refresh you memory: Jadrolinija's passenger ship Tijat collided with a cargo ship named Plavi Jadran (Blue Adriatic) around 6:30 in the afternoon of January 31. The collision caused substantial damage to the cargo ship, enough to cause it to sink to a depth of some 25 metres, at a point located 200 metres to the west of cape Kobila on Prvić island.

The collision supposedly happened because Plavi Jadran was poorly lit, preventing Tijat from spotting it in the dark on time to dodge the oncoming ship. The accident didn't see any casualties nor did it lead to any marine pollution, but the poor cargo ship is now withering away at the bottom of the sea.

The Facebook page Šibenik Uživo published the latest underwater footage taken during the inspection of Plavi Jadran, presenting a fascinating look into the sunken ship. Take a look at the video below:


The point of impact is still clearly visible on the shipwreck, and the captain's chair remains firmly lodged in front of the helm:



Tijat has had better luck, getting out of the incident unscathed and continuing to sail around the Šibenik archipelago ever since... with a day or two of delay, causing some trouble to the locals who were left stranded on Zlarin and Prvić islands without being provided a replacement ship on time.

You can find more photographs of the sunken ship on ŠibenikIN.