4th Year of Porin Awards in Split: Everything is Ready for Croatia's Biggest Music Spectacle!

By 15 March 2018

Ahead of us is the 25th anniversary of the Porin, the most prestigious award in Croatian music, due to take place on Friday, March 23rd in Split. 

On the stunning Spaladium Arena stage, the best in Croatian music will be awarded in Split for the fourth time, and a real musical spectacle is expected, reports Dalmacija Danas on March 15, 2018. 

Live performances have been confirmed by many of the leading names on the Croatian music scene, including Boris Štok, Chui, Detour, Fluentes, Jazz orchestra of Croatian Radio-Television, Josip Lisac, Klapa Šufit, Sinj, and Bunari, Massimo, Mayales, Mia Dimšić, Mile Kekin, Goran Karan, Giuliano, Natali Dizdar, Nina Badrić, Papandopulo quartet, Parni Valjak, Pavao Mašić, Psihomodo Pop, Tamburaški composition Dike, Tamburaški composition Šokci, Tony Cetinski and Željko Bebek.

Chief Secretary of the Porin John Martinac said that this year saw a record number of entries, 1645 in total, out of which 65 are publishers. For the song of the year, there were 217 entries and 73 albums for the album of the year.

Producer Tomislav Mrduljaš announced the 25th anniversary in Split, along with County Prefect Blaženko Boban, Split Mayor Andro Krstulović Opara and Split Tourist Board director Alijana Vukšić. 

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Nikola Radovani

“I’m happy, and I'm proud that the Porin is back in Split. It’s really our biggest professional manifestation. This year will be special because we celebrate 25 years of the Porin. There will be a lot of musicians, songs, and life awards to the people who have borne both our music and our country for the promotion of our culture. I invite them all to come to Spaladium Arena because we will try to find a way to have a middle ground between the profession and the audience. I think everyone coming to the Porin at Spaladium will be delighted,” said producer Tomislav Mrduljaš.

Mrduljaš announced a ticket price of 50 kuna. Ticket sales began at, and on Monday, sales will commence at Spaladium Arena.

“The concept is always the same, except for that this year we celebrate 25 years of the Porin and a lifetime award. We will have an exciting program and I think it will be exceptional - and because of this jubilee we have been able to give a little more regarding artist names,” concluded Mrduljaš who added that the event would be broadcast on HRT.

Prefect Boban pointed out that Split-Dalmatia County is a music leader throughout the country and that it only makes sense the Porin be held in Split.

“I have to be happy and grateful that the Porin will be held in Split for the fourth time, and where would it be if not in the city of music? What connects the Porin and Split-Dalmatia County is 25 years, as Split-Dalmatia County celebrates 25 years this year. So far, we have supported them, and in the future we will have strong support from them in the organization. First of all, thanks to the organizers who plan this event in the pre and post-season, because it is necessary and important to relieve the season with such events. Organizing this kind of manifestation is very valuable. That is why I must say that musicians from Split-Dalmatia County, primarily from Split, and beyond, are the leaders of music throughout the Republic of Croatia and it is quite logical that the Porin is in the city of Split,” said Blaženko Boban.

The Split Mayor is thrilled that such a professional event will happen in Split for the fourth time. He emphasized that this is the way to develop the creative industry he wants to grow in Split.

“This is the fourth year our city will host the Porin. It’s the right place, and as the county prefect himself said, is in the nest of music. What I want to emphasize is that the production, which has been happening in Split for the last forty-fifty years, has strengthened in the city of Split over the past few years, which is particularly welcome and in fact, confirms our thesis and my guiding principle to encourage the creative industry. As we have said many times, the creative industry is a step the City must take and that the City will support. The most creative of the creative industry is the music industry. In fact, for the fourth time in a row, the music industry at the state level decided that the seats of their crown event would be Split. It is confirmation that Split is what we want it to be. A headquarters, not just the music and music industry, but also production and creative industries. Not only the Porin but also the Split Festival, which has been enhanced in recent years and is at the level it once was to be the right place to celebrate music. For the presentation of the greatest creative achievements and with ULTRA, which is already traditionally located in our city, and a number of other concerts that have revived the Split scene - all of this indicates that we are on the verge of a new era in where the city will truly become, and in some way branded, as a city of music. We believe that our support, institutional support and my support will go in that direction,” said Split Mayor Krstulović Opara.

The press conference also presented the program for Porin Music Week where there will be numerous accompanying events this year as an excellent addition to the final award show, to be held on March 23rd at Spaladium Arena.