Vir Impresses Visitors at Budapest and Nuremberg Tourism Fairs

The island of Vir impresses the Germans and the Hungarians.

As eZadar writes on the 4th of March, 2018, the beautiful island of Vir was the only one from Croatia to present itself at the tourism fair in the Hungarian capital, there were representatives of the Embassy of Croatia, HTZ (Croatian National Tourist Board) and numerous Hungarian journalists, representatives of tourism and economy, as well as friends of the island of Vir from Hungary

For the seventh year, Vir has been presented at the largest Hungarian tourist fair "UTÁZAS" in Budapest (from the 1st to the 4th of March), a tourism oriented event gathering more than 60,000 visitors and around 500 exhibitors from all over the world.

Of course, Vir is of the most interest to tourists from Hungary who, along with the Slovenes and Germans, are by far the most numerous tourists on the island and, in many cases, the owners of facilities on Vir. That is why this year, Vir's representatives had their stand with tourist and information brochures at the ready for their Hungarian visitors - the only one from Croatia present at this particular tourism fair.

The Vir representatives hosted a presentation for more than a hundred visitors at the fair, tourism journalists from numerous Hungarian media outlets, representatives of tourist and business companies and business partners paid close attention to what Vir had to offer would-be tourists from Hungary.

The presentation with a tourist film was held by Vir's Antonio Vučetić, who worked on getting guests better acquainted with all the immense beauty of the island of Vir, the island's popular tourist attractions, as well as with all of the activities that are of particular interest to Vir's populous Hungarian guests. Of all the tourists to visit the island of Vir, and over two million overnights have been recorded, it's precisely the Hungarians and Slovenes who are always happy to make a return journey.

"In the presentation, we've seen a lot of our friends from Hungary who always talk about Vir with very chosen words. Many of them on Vir come not only during the annual holidays, but also throughout the year for long weekends to enjoy the nice weather and our events from the Vir 365 project. Our links with Hungary are solid, especially because of the fact that we have long-standing and friendly relationship with the Hungarian town of Dombóvár,'' Vučetić stated

This presentation of Vir in Budapest has been repeated for seven consecutive years - along with all the other Croatian tourist activities going on in Hungary, and as for the ever-tempting allure of Vir for Hungarian visitors - a continuous increase in arrivals and overnight stays from tourists from neighbouring Hungary is a largely expected result.

Last year on the island, there were 133,555 overnights from Hungarian tourists, marking a promising increase of 32.9 percent, and 17,574 Hungarian tourist arrivals, a 21 percent increase compared to 2016's data which states that there were 100,453 overnight stays and 14,522 arrivals from Hungary recorded.

Outside of Hungary, after Munich, and from Hamburg and Essen, yet another official tourism delegation continued to tour around Bavaria and Germany, and at the tourist fair in Nuremberg, the deputy director of "Vir tourism" Marino Rukavina and Nikolina Vučetić - together with representatives from the Croatian Tourist Board, showcased the beauty and tourist offer of the island of Vir to potential German visitors to the island.

"Freizeit 2018" takes place in Nuremberg in February and March, and is dedicated to tourism, travel, sports and recreation and gastronomy.