Dolphins Spotted at Open Sea near Žirje Island (Video)

With all the horrible weather we've been having lately, we thought a lovely video of some friendly residents of the Adriatic might brighten up your day

You might have noticed we're big fans of dolphins around here - who could resist sharing some photos and videos of these friendly creatures often spotted in the Adriatic waters? While most of our dolphin news usually come our way from the Lošinj archipelago, this time we're looking to the Dalmatian island of Žirje, where a local fisherman named Petar Baranović filmed a couple of curious dolphins swimming around his boat.

Baranović is also known as a former MP and councillor from Šibenik, but as he himself put it, these days he's enjoying a simple life at sea, away from politics.

"Dolphins are a much more pleasant company and I'm enjoying this ambiance. I'm at the open sea, halfway from Žirje to the maritime border, far away from my former colleagues, I'd say. I'm entirely dedicated to my primary profession, and that's fishing. I've been doing this job since I was 19 and what can I tell you, I'm enjoying myself at sea", he said.

Baranović informed Š he often comes across dolphins, and that the waters of Šibenik are home to more of them than fisherman would prefer.

They're a stable population and there's a lot of them in our sea and our archipelago, I can say so from experience. I'll see them at the open sea more often, and to those who would want them swimming around their holiday homes, I can only say dolphins are smart enough to stay away from people, he stated.