Croatia's Southernmost Islands See First Snowfall in 5 Years

By 27 February 2018

Not even the southernmost point of Croatia managed to escape the frosty touch of winter's fingertips

The remote Palagruža archipelago, whose biggest member is inhabited only by lighthouse staff in winter months, saw its first snowfall in the last five years, reports on February 27, 2018.

Just to give you an idea of how isolated the island is...

Lighthouse operator Vojislav Šajn reached out to last night to inform them about the extraordinarily rare phenomenon, and followed up with some photos taken this morning.


This is only the second recorded snowfall on Palagruža since weather stations were first introduced in Croatia.


According to Šajn, the island is still covered in a thin layer of snow which hasn't stopped falling since - an unusual occasion for Palagruža, where the annual precipitation average rarely exceeds 300mm.



Photo credit: Vojislav Šajn via