Ante Nazor's Book on Homeland War Now Available on Amazon

By 27 February 2018

The Croatian War of Independence: Serbia's War of Conquest Against Croatia and the Defeat of Serbian Imperialism 1991 – 1995, by Ante Nazor is now available on the popular online store.

Ever fancied knowing more intricate details of just what happened during the messy breakup of Yugoslavia and the Croatian Homeland War in defence against the imperialistic plans of the Serbs in their quest to create a Greater Serbia? Ante Nazor's detailed written work in the form of a brand new 300 page book in English language, which is also available on Kindle, will offer you an insight rarely seen before.

''The Croatian War of Independence: Serbia's War of Conquest Against Croatia and the Defeat of Serbian Imperialism 1991-1995 tells the compelling story of Croatia’s defeat, against all odds, of the Yugoslav People's Army and numerous Serb paramilitary formations in defense of its independence and internationally recognized territory. This book offers in vivid detail many answers to the often-posed question 'what happened in the Balkans in the first half of the 1990s?' Ante Nazor's blend of keen academic insight and extensive research shows irrefutably that Serbian imperialism, based on the might of the Yugoslav People's Army and the aggressive concept of “Greater Serbia”, caused profound destruction and loss of life on a scale unseen on the continent since the end of WWII. The main importance of this book is that it clearly illustrates the danger Serbian imperialism would have posed to Europe had not the Croatian Armed Forces, forged in the desperate struggle to save the country, broken the back of the Yugoslav People's Army and put an end to Serbia's imperialistic aspirations.'' (Amazon)

The book, which has earned an overall 4.5 stars on Amazon, has earned reviews full of praise for its extensive and detailed content:

''This is a detailed account of the Croatian War of Independence, with plenty of detail and an excellent portrayal of the exact sequence of events. Told from a Croatian perspective this book covers the pre-war early stages of conflict and the many attempts to bring it to a peaceful conclusion. I was astonished by the complexity of the political situation of the slowly eroding Yugoslavian federation with Serbian dominance and the difficulties Croatia encountered in its legitimate desire to be its own nation. The book does a great job at portraying the violence and crimes committed by both sides as the conflict turns into war, but the author makes some important points about the role of the aggressor and the difficulties faced by an emerging country struggling to defend itself against a merciless attacker with superior weaponry. Although I was following the conflict with interest via the media at the time, I learned a lot about the complexity that I had never known before.

The book really covers a lot of aspects and gives great insights. As a historic document invaluable and very readable.''


''As someone who personally knows Dr. Ante Nazor and has read many of his works, including this one in its original Croatian, this book fills a need which is glaringly empty in recent years, historical analysis of the war in Croatia. Dr. Nazor has been involved heavily in securing and maintaining the Croatian Memorial Document Arhives of Croatia's Homeland War. He is a war veteran as well as an historian. There is not one word against Jews or Serbs in this book. It documents and describes the extremist and violent methods of certain segments of Serbian society who exploited, to their detriment, ethnic differences in a failed attempt to keep power and control over Croatia and its people. The same thing happened in Bosnia and in Kosovo. Both were miserable failures for the Greater Serbian project.''


''An excellent chronology of facts, statistics, names and explanations. Easy to follow, very insightful and a compelling read. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to learn about the war of aggression against Croatia in the 1990s and its aftermath.''

The book's publication date was the 14th of November, 2016 and is available in paperback for 11.99USD, or on Kindle for 5.54USD. If you'd like to purchase or see more about the book, click here.