One Man and His Dog Vlog: Winter Running near Zagreb - Bikceviceva and Medvednica

By 25 February 2018

Croatia's most enthusiastic adrenaline tourism promoters, the man and dog team from Outdoors Croatia, released their latest video snapshot of the Great Croatian Outdoors on February 21, 2018.

One of the joys of living in Zagreb is the close proximity of nature from the city centre. In just a few minutes in the car, one can be up in the mountains enjoying pristine air and wonderful views of the Croatian capital. 

Some go to escape the crowds, others for a good lunch, or an afternoon's hiking. But for our favourite man and dog team from Outdoors Croatia, there is no chance to sit still. 

A very cute video and a first vlog from the popular duo, as they go for an afternoon run in the snow in Bikceviceva and Medvednica.