British Embassy Zagreb 'What Links Us Together' - Nick Colgan and Garden Brewery Interview

By 25 February 2018

February 21, 2018 - The second in the British Embassy's videos focusing on the people who link Croatia and the UK - Nick Colgan, founder of the Garden project, from festivals to a very successful brewery business in Zagreb.


The British Embassy in Zagreb has posted video interviews with British people who have come to live in Croatia and Croatians who have moved to the UK. The series goes beyond the traditional political work of the Embassy to focus on the human stories from those who have travelled between these two countries to work, to study and to enjoy what each has to offer.

One such Brit who has moved to Croatia is Nick Colgan, from Birmingham, who previously worked with the British band UB40. He left the UK for a lifestyle change, ended up running a very successful festival business on the coast, before opening a craft brewery in Zagreb.

He explains in the interview that he had organised multiple festivals in Croatia where a “hell of a ot of beer” was sold and over dinner someone suggested that he start his own Brewery. Nick said that he didn’t know anything about making beer but nevertheless he decided to give it a go. Moving to Croatia was, aside from the opportunity to brew beer, a lifestyle choice for Nick to spend more time with his family.